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          Gemischtes Doppel Adam Linder Cult to the Built on What

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          2013 Juni 21 22 | 19.30 Uhr

          Suitable for English Speakers

          Cult to the Built on What ist ein Tanz für drei Performer: einen Körper, ein Stehpult und Sprache. Für seine Performance hat sich Adam Linder Stilmittel des Rap angeeignet, um dessen ganz eigene Logik mit unterschiedlichen performativen Darstellungsformen zu verknüpfen. Er erklärt den Theaterraum zum Feld, in dem sich (sub-)kulturelle Expressivität und Referenzen verbinden lassen. Mit seiner Rapography strebt Linder nach einem Ort, der die Vielfalt urbanen Ausdrucks parallel zu den Diskursen des westlichen Theaters erfahrbar macht.

          I begin with the hope that this unyielding establishment we find ourselves in might disarm with each of my vocal caresses.
          So I am going to break it down for you just like I would if I was up in my bedroom or conversing on the street.
          We are babies suckling on the big breast of culture.
          Like swelling waves, cultural forms envelop us and then imprint themselves on the psyche.
          They speak through the individual with their own vocabulary.
          Even if the cultural status of any given tendency is not aligned to your own trajectory, the effect that it may have on you is no match for the will.
          Learned reflections are no match for the assuring sound of ''yes yes y'all'' or the ecstatic punch of a fist into the air or the sweet smell of new trainers.
          Rhythms that bounce, bodily gestures and stylised goods.
          These things surround me. They are powerful things. They tend to be too proximate to be critical of.
          Its true they might share the ambiguous legacy of appropriation and commercialisation, but they haven't been exhausted of their expressive resistance.
          In this context one might feel the need to situate these things within the value systems of the western proscenium.
          If I would speak frankly I might say that the cultured class relishes rereading the same narrative.
          Context Rules Everything Around Me.
          Learn the narrative.
          Dollar dollar bills yo.
          Listen here, this is what its about:
          Investing in something quotidian and trite like walking a certain way or making words rhyme made me more than I could ever be.

          (Adam Linder)

          Adam Linder studierte Tanz an der Royal Ballet School in London. Als Tänzer arbeitete er u.a. mit dem Royal Ballet, Michael Clark und Meg Stuart. Adam erarbeitet Performances, die sich aus der chamäleonartigen Geschichte des Tanzes speisen. Seine letzten Arbeiten waren Ma Ma Ma Materials (Silberkuppe Berlin, 2012), Several Costume Changes (Kunsthaus Dresden, 2012), A Hip Reconnaissance (Tanz im August, 2012), Cult To The What (Museum für Gegenwartskunst Basel, 2013).

          KONZEPT, PERFORMANCE Adam Linder BÜHNENBILD Shahryar Nashat, Adam Linder MUSIK, KOMPOSITION Brendan Dougherty

          Eine Produktion im Rahmen der K3 Residenz-Choreographien 2013 von K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg. Gefördert aus Mitteln der Hamburgischen Kulturstiftung.

          Foto © Thies Rätzke