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Remember Now! Eine Geschichte des einander Erinnerns | Jugendprojekt

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Mai 07 08 09 l 14 Uhr + 17 Uhr

An wen wollen wir erinnern und welche Wege gibt es, dies zu tun? Remember Now! lädt zu einem performativen und interaktiven Audiowalk im Berliner Stadtraum ein und wirft einen kritischen Blick auf Berliner Erinnerungsorte. In dynamischen Szenencollagen erlebt das Publikum Geschichte(n) aus einer Perspektive des Widerstands.

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20 September 2010
Ausschreibung: WORKSHOP ?PROJECT 1051?


WORKSHOP within the ?PROJECT 1051?
Paris ? Berlin: urban crossed views - an initiation to audio video (re)creation

1051 Kilometer liegen zwischen Paris und Berlin: ?Projekt 1051? heißt deshalb eine Initiative des Pariser Kultur- und Clubschiffs Batofar, das die französische Hip-Hop-Formation La Caution und das Berliner Videokunstkollektiv Transforma zusammenführt. Beide Gruppen werden in Paris und Berlin recherchieren und in Workshops eine gemeinsame künstlerische Arbeit entwickeln, die sie in den Sophiensaelen präsentieren (www.sophiensaele.com/produktionen.php?IDstueck=799).
Workshopsprache: englisch

Period: Saturday, 11th and Sunday, 12th September 2010, 11am to 5pm
Participants: 10 people aged 16 to 25
Workshop language: English (and German)
Registration fee: 15 ?
Information and registration: Sophiensaele: info@sophiensaele.com, Franziska Werner

Workshop program:
In the framework of ?Project 1051? ten young Parisians created a short movie based on their vision of their city: the major feelings the city inspired them with (crowd and solitude/ loneliness, multicultural influences, stress, urban arts?) led them to shoot and record sequences that they edited with the help of the artists from Transforma and La Caution.
Within two days, young Berliners (16-25) will create a film parallel to the Paris workshop one, a film based on their own vision of Berlin.
Before the workshop starts, the participants will have one preparatory meeting on 4th of September, 2pm with the artists of Transforma to watch the French film and to decide on specific shooting locations and sounds. They will then split into three groups (2 for video and 1 for sound work) and will collect footage in the urban environment. With the help of the artists, they will define editing directions and film dynamics.
At the end of the workshop the comparison of the two films can lead to a short discussion about a European Youth vision of the City.

This workshop will be managed by the artists involved in ?Project 1051?:
Luke Bennett and Simon Krahl from Transforma/Berlin, Ahmed Mazouz and Mohamed Mazouz from La Caution/Paris.


Since its opening in February 1999, the Batofar (Parisian artistic venue)
considered the European dimension of its cultural project as one of its biggest priorities. Strongly standing for a European culture each one could discover, share and build up, the Batofar imagines new forms of international citizenship everyday. With the focus on Paris and Berlin, this new initiative, the PROJECT 1051, will bring together French musicians (La Caution) and German video artists (Transforma) to create a multimedia work of art. This creative interaction will lead to a collective audio/video work, which will question the European identity and the idea of the City. With regard to the number of road kilometers between the two cities, the project is called ?Project 1051?. This new work of art will be conceived, created and presented both in Paris and Berlin between June and October 2010. It will also be completed with series of actions dedicated to local audiences such as artistic workshops and meetings. (www.batofar.org)

Transforma is an artist group whose work focuses on video, performance, installations and music/video collisions. Transforma's work has been performed live and shown at festivals around the world. It is always highly rhythmic, digital yet handcrafted and visually challenging. Transforma collaborates with other artists and musicians to create pieces that blur borders of established genres in live performance, art & music. (www.transforma.de)

Armed with a unique musical identity, the two brothers Hi‐Tekk and Nikkfurie made a solid reputation for themselves by relentlessly touring and taking part in numerous albums, projects and movie soundtracks (Oceans Twelve, ?Paris je t?aime? by Gus Van Sant, etc.) since 1996. Their interest for image also took the shape of video directing. With their EP and LP?s, their energetic sounds and outstanding lyrics, they imposed themselves as one of the most atypical and innovative band in the French Hip Hop scene. (www.myspace.com/lacaution)

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