11 Juni 2013
Capsuling.Me - Call for Artists! Join Berlin’s first geo-location exhibition!

Imagine while walking in a park, you could hop into other people’s minds, seeing and hearing the world from their perspective for just one minute...

Capsuling.Me is organizing an exhibition of video and sound pieces located around Berlin’s Görlitzer Park.

The works will be virtually placed in specific spots inside the park and

brought to the audience through our location based mobile app, using

GPS technology.

The exhibition will open on July 27th 2013, and will stay there forever…

We invite artists to experiment with a new form of storytelling by using smart phones to share perspectives of places. Artists are encouraged to explore the idea of 'entering the mind' of someone (or something) from the past, present, or future of this place.

To participate you simply:

1 - Choose a specific spot inside Görlitzer Park

2 - Send us a concept for a video or sound piece of up to one minute, specifically conceived to be viewed on a smart phone in this spot.

A jury will review the concepts, and select ideas that suit the vision and explore the format in an intriguing manner.

Capsuling.Me will support the creation of selected concepts that will participate in the exhibition and be entered into a competition with prizes.

Please fill in the attached form and send it by the 24th of June, to: shani@capsuling.me

* For more information about Capsuling.Me please visit our Facebook page, or watch this video.

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