Interrobang Livestream: Familiodrom
December 08 09 | 19.30
December 12 13 | 16.00
Online | 10/7 EURO

In Familiodrom, Interrobang gives birth to a child together with the online audience. Immediately the freshly baked parents' collective is stuck in the ideological swamp of cloth diapers, ready-to-eat porridge, sleep training, shame and guilt.

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Company Christoph Winkler It's All Forgotten Now
christoph-winkler_c_gabriella-fiore_presse 1
December 11-18 Dance/film
Online | Ab 11. Dezember hier zu sehen

Dance meets music, film, video and spoken word: The performative homage to Mark Fisher can be seen here as an online adaptation in English with German audio description from December 11-18.

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Saša Asentić & Collaborators and Bojana Cvejić Running Commentary on Dis_Sylphide
December 20 | 11.00 Zoom-webinar
Online | Eintritt frei

Running Commentary on Dis_Sylphide will take place on Zoom WebinarThe video of Dis_Sylphide performance will be live-streamed, and presented with audiodescription. Different "interpreters" with and without disabilities will deliver their running commentaries live on separate audio channels. 

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Tanztage Berlin 2021


JANUAR 07 bis ∞

Since hard times require furious dancing, the 30th edition of Tanztage Berlin under the new curation of Mateusz Szymanówka investigates dance’s anti-authoritarian tradition. From January 7th onwards, in the dystopian “now” after the afterparty, the festival presents twelve performances by emerging choreographers which examine the body in revolt - in its fragility, mortality and ability to transform itself and the others.

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          After Europe

          • After Europe_Motiv_HP
            Foto © Arne Thaysen, Design © Jan Grygoriew, Christiane Heim

          Oktober 09 – 13 

          Colonialism is not limited to a historical time or a distant space; it constitutes the very foundation of our thoughts and actions here and now. Decolonisation in art, science and society does not only shatter the cornerstones of Europe, it means the downfall of our Western modernity. Yet Europe's crisis offers the chance to become something other than who we are today. In lectures, performances and installations, After Europe brings together international artists and thinkers who disrupt the colonial framework of art and science. They abandon the universalism of Western culture and celebrate a world in which privileged worldviews no longer prevail.


          CURATOR Julian Warner DRAMATURGy Joy Kristin Kalu WITH *foundationClass, Hajusom, Ogutu Muraya, Joana Tischkau, Leone Contini, Jaha Koo, Igbálè, Asia Art Activism, Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro, Nora Sternfeld, Lara-Sophie Milagro, Rohit Jain, Olga Raznikova, Pepetual Mforbe Chiangong, Grit Köppen

          A festival by SOPHIENSÆLE, curated by Julian Warner. The festival is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. In cooperation with Diversity Arts Culture. Media partners: Ask Helmut, ExBerliner, Missy Magazine, taz. die tageszeitung, Zitty.