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December 17 | 17.00 Guided tour
Various Locations | 5 EURO

A guided tour about the eventful history of the Sophiensæle from its construction in 1904/05 to the present day.

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Lange / Kress / Mazza / Stymest VIER
Vier_c_Paul Sleev_HP
December 17 18 | 20.00 Musical
Kantine | 15/10 EURO

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Das große Kiezchortreffen #2
musikkantine-2018-12-19 small ©arne schmitt-2451
December 19 | 19.00 Singalong
Festsaal | 10/7 EURO

Our musical Christmas treat celebrates another season!

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Lois Alexander Neptune
Neptune_c_ Michiel Goudswaard_HP
January 08 | 19.00
January 10 | 20.30
Hochzeitssaal | 15/10 EURO

Lois Alexander uses water and its transformational qualities as points of departure to reflect on her position as a woman belonging to a minority.

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Sasha Amaya // Frida Giulia Franceschini Sarabande // Tricks for Gold (T4$)
sarabande_c_Nobutaka Shomura, Sasha Amaya
January 08 09 | 20.30 Dance
Festsaal | 15/10 EURO

Sasha Amaya brings baroque dances into the present and investigates their similarities with contemporary dance // Tricks for Gold (T4$)  is a cynical fairy tale about the commodification of the female body in times of late capitalism.

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ZTB präsentiert: Incite! Dance!
January 09 | 18.00 Austausch
Hochzeitssaal | Free Entrance

Departing from the experiences and struggles around the Dance for Millions of Reasons campaign, ZTB opens an interactive space in which strategies of protest, resistance and dissent will be tested.

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Caner Teker Kırkpınar
January 10 11 | 19.00 Dance
Kantine | 15/10 EURO

Caner Teker creates new queer spaces by appropriating techniques of Turkish oil wrestling (Yağlı Güreş).

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Linus Enlund_HP
January 11 12 | 20.30 Dance
Festsaal | 15/10 EURO

„Juck" is Swedish and means thrust. Anarchic, joyful, riotous and explosive, six performers in school uniforms enter the stage and claim their own conditions for "femininity".

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Around the World
c_Kunal Vijaykar_HP
January 12 | 18.00
January 13 | 20.30
Hochzeitssaal | 15/10 EURO

This year Tanztage Berlin welcome the interdisciplinary art festival Gender Bender from Bangalore in South India as their guest and present a performance: An Evening of Lavani.

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Suvi Kemppainen + Josefine Mühle A Child Has Been Beaten
January 13 14 | 19.00 Dance
Kantine | 15/10 EURO

Two performers disrupt the dualism of dominance and submission, confronting their viewers with intimacy and their own responsibility as an audience.

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Amirhossein Mashaherifard Aftermath
c_Robin Junicke_HP
January 14 15 | 20.30 Dance
Festsaal | 15/10 EURO

With dance, language and sound, Aftermath tells of states of exception and their effects on the body.

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Maque Pereyra Solar Threshold
January 16 17 | 19.00 Dance
Kantine | 15/10 EURO

By combining contemporary dance with ritual chanting, reggaeton and perreo, Maque Pereyra creates a decolonial dance practice that shatters conventional notions of sexuality and spirituality.

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Areli Moran La Postal de nuestra Existencia
Arelie Moran @Manon Siv Duquesnay_HP
January 16 | 20.30
January 18 | 19.00
Hochzeitssaal | 15/10 EURO

In an intimate exploration, Areli Moran examines the significance of hair as a repository of social norms, identity and desire.

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House of Living Colors Endangered Species
Endangered Species_c_Xixi Diana YamYam
January 17 18 | 20.30 Dance
Festsaal | 15/10 EURO

The drag collective House of Living Colors focuses on the climate crisis, showing that a diversity of identities is as essential for the survival of our society as is biodiversity for nature.

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January 18 | 22.00 Party
Kantine | Free Entrance

With an uplifting show, House of Living Colors presents Spice to celebrate the perseverance and resilience of QTBIPoC (queer + trans Black, Indigenous, People of Color).

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Interrobang Philosophiermaschine
300dpi Philospiermaschine Querformat_c_Silke Bauer_HP
January 23 24 25 26 | 19.00 Performance
Kantine | 15/10 EURO

Telephone conversations with philosophers of the 20th century.

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Vanessa Stern Auf der Suche nach der komischen Alten
January 24 | 10.00 - 13.00 Theaterspielworkshop
Kantine | Free Entrance

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T4-Gedenkveranstaltung i can be your translator: Das Konzept bin ich
January 26 | 17.00 Performance
Festsaal | Free Entrance

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          Performing Arts Festival Berlin


          The Berlin Performing Arts Festival will be held for the first time throughout the city from May 23 – 29, 2016. The festival will present the work and artistic positions of the independent performing arts community at over 50 Berlin performance venues and event locations. Initiated by Ballhaus Ost, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Sophiensælen and Theaterdiscounter and organized by Landesverband freie darstellende Künste (LAFT) Berlin, the festival’s schedule of programming has been created and financed by all of the participating performance venues. Every venue has made its own selection of professional productions created by independent Berlin groups and artists to present.

          The Newcomer’s Platform for new and newly arrived talent in Berlin will kick off the festival from May 23 – May 25. Up to twelve productions will be selected from an open call and presented in the four performance venues that have initiated the festival. In addition to the festival and the presentations, the newcomers will also be supported and accompanied on

          their journey through Berlin’s independent performing arts community through workshops and consultations.

          Beginning with the festival party on May 26, Berlin will be the hotspot for the independent performing arts from May 27 – May 29. For three whole days, more than 50 different venues throughout the entire city will present a schedule of programming including over 100 theater, music theater, performance and dance productions, including work from cie. toula limnaios, Phil Collins, Das Helmi, Shai Faran, Gob Squad, Anja Gronau, hardt attacks, Hauptstadtoper, Frauke Havemann/ON AIR, Hysterisches Globusgefühl, Institut für Widerstand im Postfordismus, laborgras, Leien des Alltags, Lwowski°Kronfoth°Musikthetarekollektiv, Ana Mendes, MS Schrittmacher, Novoflot, Once We Were Islands, post theater, Quast & Knoblich, Damian Rebgetz, Richter/Meyer/Marx, Daniel Schrader, Tucké Royale, Turbo Pascal, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt + Andreas Liebmann, vorschlag:hammer, Christoph Winkler and many others.

          The ancillary progamming of the Performing Arts Festival will offer the Berlin audience as well as the national and international visiting industry professionals formal and informal encounters with the Berlin-based artists. Thematic tours led by members of the independent performing arts community will visit the diverse landscape of Berlin’s performance venues, allowing the audience members to become acquainted with the cultural cartography of the city. Visiting industry professionals from Germany and abroad are invited to attend the presentation platform of Berlin Diagonale on May 28 to gain an overview of Berlin’s independent productions, performance venues and working methods, participate in direct exchanges with local artists, initiate cooperations and to book touring productions. This creates lasting sustainability for this work “made in Berlin”. The symposium Collaborations & Co-Productions” on May 27 will provide artists and visiting industry professionals an additional opportunity for deeper exchanges. During the

          Performing Arts Festival, Fonds Darstellende Künste (the German Performing Arts Fund) will also invite all interested parties to attend the awarding of the George Tabori Prize on May 29 at Heimathafen Neukölln. The goal of the Performing Arts Festival is to present the diversity of the independent performing arts in Berlin and to make them visible within a larger framework as a successor to the 100° Berlin Festival which was held for the last time in February 2015 by Ballhaus Ost, HAU Hebbel am Ufer and Sophiensæle. For twelve years, this festival showcased the incredible range of the independent theater artists and performers in this city. Over the last twelve years, the city of Berlin as well as the independent performing arts community have changed and developed enormously. A vast number of new, international artists and groups have moved to the city and many existing groups have established and professionalized themselves. Numerous new performance venues and locations have opened and the quality as well as quantity of independent productions have increased. The former performance venues and organizers of the 100° Berlin Festival have decided to pay tribute to this new situation together with LAFT Berlin with the Performing Arts Festival. The goal is to firmly establish the festival with an annual date in the calendars of the Berlin audience as well as the international visiting industry professionals after the pilot edition this year.

          >> The complete schedule of programming will be announced in April 2016

          The following performance venues are participating in the Berlin Performing Arts Festival: Acker Stadt Palast, Aula im Milchhof, Ballhaus Ost, Brotfabrik, Club der polnischen Versager, Dock11/Eden, Halle Tanzbühne Berlin, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Hauptstadtoper, Hauser - Dramatische Republik, K77 Studio, KuLe, Lake Studios Berlin, Mime Centrum Berlin, Radialsystem V, Schaubude Berlin, Sophiensæle, Studioboerne45, Studiobühne Alte Feuerwache Friedrichshain, TAK – Theater im Aufbauhaus, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Tatwerk, Theater o.N., Theater unterm Dach, Theater Verlängertes Wohnzimmer, Theaterdiscounter, Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, ufa Fabrik Berlin, Vierte Welt, Zentrum danziger50 and many more.