Today | 20:00
Tomi Paasonen
Pas de Q
Tomi Paasonen-final-15
December 01 02 03 | 20.00
December 04 | 18.00
Festsaal | 15/10 €

Pas de Q enters the classical ballet world to turn choreographic forms and traditions upside down and reinvent them. A queer ensemble of male and non-binary dancers
pushes movement, dance and queer aesthetics to the extreme. In a utopian science fiction world, the team fuses drag art and pointe dance into a labyrinth of imaginative perversions, beyond morality and shame. 

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Enad Marouf
In My Hand a Word
8U4A4888 landscape
December 09 10 | 20.00
December 10 | 17.00
December 11 | 18.00
Hochzeitssaal | 15/10 €

In the scenic adaptation of his own text, the Syrian-German performance and video artist Enad Marouf deals with loss from a queer perspective: the loss of family, home and relationships, but also that of meaning and language. The audience enters a place where fragments overlap. Two figures move through scenes whose internal coherence continues to unravel through memories, anecdotes, and associative references.

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Melanie Jame Wolf
The Creep
01_AlexanderCoggin_BAL_MJW_HIGHRES copy
December 17 18 | 16.00

The Creep at feldfünf is the first in a series of installations by Berlin based choreographer and visual artist, Melanie Jame Wolf, in which she will enact her ongoing creep studies. It is a choreography between two figures – a cowboy and a mountain – embodying a poetic meditation on violence and storytelling.

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Jelena Stefanoska & Saša Asentić
Жизела / Giselle
PM_Sasa Asentic_Giselle_Foto_Marija Erdelji_4026
December 17 18 | 18.00
Festsaal | 15/10 €

Жизела / Giselle uses dance and language to explore the similarities and differences between the artist Jelena Stefanoska and the tragic ballet character Giselle. The piece tells of the need to love and be loved – and, above all, of the desire and feeling to live a life with dignity.

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Tanztage Berlin 2023
© Jan Grygoriew

JANUAR 05 – 21

Hey, why do you look so tired? "Urgency culture" expects us to be connected and responsive constantly. There is little to no time left to imagine the world otherwise. Tanztage Berlin – a yearly festival highlighting the work of the city's emerging dance makers – is back to diagnose the present and predict the future. Its 32nd edition investigates our daily overstimulation and chronic fatigue by reflecting on how we move to the rhythm of today's high-speed, social media-driven reality and its challenges.

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Angela Alves Tennis

  • TENNIS_©DorotheaTuch_Presse
    © Dorothea Tuch
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    © Dorothea Tuch
2022 September 23 24 | 19.00
2022 September 26 27 | 20.00


In German spoken language and sign language with German audio description + English subtitles

Please click here for the German audio flyer.

In the dance performance TENNIS, Angela Alves examines sport, art and society for ableist and classist patterns of discrimination; exploring methods to confront them without losing her nerve. In the setting of a tennis court, the dancer takes up the racket and prepares to serve for a barrier-free future. For the crip artist from a so-called underclass background, the tennis court marks a space that was never intended for Angela Alves. In TENNIS, she claims the court for herself, making it her site for gentle self-empowerment.

A ball-throwing machine fires balls into the court. The actress Athena Lange is enthroned on the high seat, controlling the space as a referee, with the tennis coach on the screen in the background. But how does one hold one's own in a demanding game when stress avoidance is the top priority? And how does one escape a social system that knows no boundaries without admitting defeat?  

For the performance, Angela Alves studies the serve, forehand and backhand, and tirelessly practices the movements of the game with relish; finding a way to creatively adapt them to her needs. The result is a humorous choreography of sensitive resilience, which, via audio description, sign language and English subtitles, specifically ensnares numerous players in the hurdles of accessibility.

Announcment in German Sign Language

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The play deals with feelings of inferiority and social inequality.

RELAXED PERFORMANCE For TENNIS, we're harnessing the "fourth wall" again: Make yourselves comfortable on the chairs, cushions and mattresses and rest assured that the butterballs won't harm you. You definitely don't have to join in, you can just be there. It won't be very dark and it won't be very loud. Nevertheless, we are on a tennis court and this space is not equally comfortable for everyone. So if it gets too stressful, you can either complain to the referee or leave the room during the show. If you need a moment's peace and quiet, you can retreat to the foyer and of course you are very welcome to come back.

The play lasts 60 to 70 minutes without an intermission. German spoken language, German sign language, English subtitles and audio description will be used. The dance performance gives different linguistic, visual and auditory access. There is a creative-artistic approach to accessibility. Both audio description and German Sign Language are part of the production. In several scenes, video sequences are projected onto a screen in the right-hand corner of the room. In the first scene, the screen shows a wiggling image of a trawl net being dragged across the floor. In the middle of the performance, an image noise is projected onto the screen for several seconds. In one scene, a very brightly lit object is dragged across the floor for a while. On stage, balls fly from right to left in several scenes. Both balls and the glowing object come very close to visitors in the front row at times. 

There is an audio description in German for all performances, preceded by a haptic tour for blind and visually impaired people. The haptic tour begins 30 minutes before the performance. The meeting point is next to the bar in the canteen on the ground floor of the Sophiensaele. Ticket reservations are accepted by Hannah Aldinger at or by calling 030 278900 35. If required, we offer a pick-up service for blind and visually impaired people from the nearby S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations Hackescher Markt and Weinmeisterstraße. To make use of the pick-up service, please contact us during our business hours (Monday to Friday between 10 am and 6 pm) at 030 27 89 00 30 or

The audience area on the grandstand is seated. There are four wheelchair seats and four beanbag seats, which can be reserved subject to availability or purchased from the online ticket shop or box office. If you require another specific seat, please arrive 20-30 minutes before the performance starts and contact our evening staff. Persons with disabilities receive reduced tickets at the price of 10€ plus one free ticket for an accompanying person. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact Hannah Aldinger on 030 27 89 00 35 or

SEPTEMBER 26 | It is mandatory to wear an FFP2 mask at the show on September 26. At all other shows the wearing of a medical mask is compulsory. Exceptions to this rule are visitors who are unable to wear an FFP2/medical mask for health/physical reasons and visitors who communicate in sign language. 

SEPTEMBER 27 | Artist talk after the show | MODERATION Volkan Ağar

ANGELA ALVES takes her first long-awaited tennis lessons in the summer of 2022. She studied dance at the ArtEZ School of Dance in the Netherlands and dance studies at the FU Berlin. She lives and works as a freelance choreographer in Berlin and is a member of Backbone Berlin. In her artistic work she negotiates perceptions and constructions of "healthy" and "sick" bodies and is interested in the subversive potential in between. Her practice focuses on political dimensions of the unavailable body and explores its transformative potency through strategies of access, self-empowerment and self-care in classist and ableist pre-structured spaces. Alves is co-founder of TURN. New Movement for Multiple Sclerosis e.V. and IHMAR. Institute for Medical & Health Humanities and Artistic Research.

ATHENA LANGE, *1991 in Plauen, lives and works as an actress and artist in Berlin. Among other things, she was a permanent ensemble member of the Leipziger Ensemble until 2016, and performed for the Deutsche Gehörlosen-Theater and Possible World Berlin. At the Staatstheater Hannover, she took on the lead role in the play Die Wut, die uns vereint from 2019. Since 2021 she embodies Isa from Wolfgang Herrndorf's novel Bilder deiner großen Liebe at the Societätstheater in Dresden. Her engagements also include performances at the Sophiensælen Berlin and Kampnagel Hamburg, among others, where she works with renowned artists from all over Germany and Europe.

PERFORMANCE Angela Alves, Athena Lange CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY Angela Alves Dramaturgy Alex Hennig ARTISTIC ASSISTANCE + ACCESS WORK Michel Wagenschütz STAGE DESIGN + COSTUME Mascha Deneke FILM Michelle Ettlin SOUND Christoph Rothmeier Audio Description Emmilou Rößling in collaboration with Silja Korn LIGHT DESIGN Susana Alonso TENNIS COACHing Ozan Filiz THIRD EYE Ania Nowak PHILOSOPHICAL CONSULTATION Svenja Flaßpöhler MEDICAL CONSULTATION Sabine Schadow Hospitancy Luise-Finn Tismer PRODUCTION ehrliche arbeit - freies Kulturbüro

A production by Angela Alves in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE and TATWERK | Performative Forschung. Supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin and Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR. With the kind support of Tennis Club Blau-Gold Wuhlheide e.V. Media partner: taz, die tageszeitung.