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          TANZTAGE BERLIN 2016 Ania Nowak / Kareth Schaffer Offering What We Don't Have To Those Who Don't Want It / An Animal Went Out

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          2016 January 10 11 | 20.30

          Suitable for English Speakers

          This is a work about love as a physical and mental activity. It draws from lateral ways of thinking and making love to fantasize about the politics of tenderness and desire.


          When we watch dance, how do we choose to "read" it? An Animal Went Out is a trio about a story that can’t be told – a theater piece as a 'choose your own adventure' novel.

          JANUAR 11

          Let's talk about Dance

          Ania Nowak Offering What We Don't Have To Those Who Don't Want It

          Duration ca. 45 min cONCEPT Ania Nowak CHOREOGRAphy, PERFORMANCE Ania Nowak, Julia Rodriguez, Xenia Taniko Dwertmann

          With friendly support of HZT.

          Kareth Schaffer An Animal Went Out

          Duration ca. 45 min CONCEPT Kareth Schaffer by and with Sandhya Daemgen, Martin Hansen, Kareth Schaffer MUSIc Christian Falsnaes, Kareth Schaffer

          With friendly support of Lake Studios Berlin of the Houseclub of HAU Hebbel am Ufer and HZT.

          Foto © Marius Mailaender