Today | 19:00
Caroline Creutzburg + René Alejandro Huari Mateus
Die Vielhundertjährigen
November 29 30 | 19.00
Hochzeitssaal | 15/10 €

Back to the future: In Die Vielhundertjährigen, the audience is contacted by the only contemporary witnesses of a long-gone division between the biological and the digital. These people, several hundred years old, are now inhabitants of a post-digital world. Based on fantasies and wishes for the world, the ensemble, ranging in age from 65 to 87, create their own science fiction narrative.

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Tomi Paasonen
Pas de Q
Tomi Paasonen-final-15
December 01 02 03 | 20.00
December 04 | 18.00
Festsaal | 15/10 €

Pas de Q enters the classical ballet world to turn choreographic forms and traditions upside down and reinvent them. A queer ensemble of male and non-binary dancers
pushes movement, dance and queer aesthetics to the extreme. In a utopian science fiction world, the team fuses drag art and pointe dance into a labyrinth of imaginative perversions, beyond morality and shame. 

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Enad Marouf
In My Hand a Word
8U4A4888 landscape
December 09 10 | 20.00
December 10 | 17.00
December 11 | 18.00
Hochzeitssaal | 15/10 €

In the scenic adaptation of his own text, the Syrian-German performance and video artist Enad Marouf deals with loss from a queer perspective: the loss of family, home and relationships, but also that of meaning and language. The audience enters a place where fragments overlap. Two figures move through scenes whose internal coherence continues to unravel through memories, anecdotes, and associative references.

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Jelena Stefanoska & Saša Asentić
Жизела / Giselle
PM_Sasa Asentic_Giselle_Foto_Marija Erdelji_4026
December 17 18 | 18.00
Festsaal | 15/10 €

Жизела / Giselle uses dance and language to explore the similarities and differences between the artist Jelena Stefanoska and the tragic ballet character Giselle. The piece tells of the need to love and be loved – and, above all, of the desire and feeling to live a life with dignity.

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Tanztage Berlin 2023
© Jan Grygoriew

Hey, why do you look so tired? "Urgency culture" expects us to be connected and responsive constantly. There is little to no time left to imagine the world otherwise. Tanztage Berlin – a yearly festival highlighting the work of the city's emerging dance makers – is back to diagnose the present and predict the future. Its 32nd edition investigates our daily overstimulation and chronic fatigue by reflecting on how we move to the rhythm of today's high-speed, social media-driven reality and its challenges.

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Anna Aristarkhova Lust

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    Philipp Weinrich
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    Philipp Weinrich
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    Philipp Weinrich
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2018 May 17 18 19 20 | 20.00
Suitable for English Speakers

Lust transforms the Hochzeitssaal into a mysterious garden. Open spaces invite to see and be seen in while the shades of green become attractive hiding places. Oscillating between being humans, animals and mythical creatures, five performers explore various rituals to bring themselves closer to the state of lust. Between domesticated touches and an overwhelming loss of control, sometimes innocently and full of joy, sometimes driven by an impulse to possess each other, they face tensions and contradictions. Lust is an existential driver and unattainable goal at the same time. Without it, the garden and its inhabitants would stand still…

IDEA, CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY Anna Aristarkhova DRAMATURGY Isabel Gatzke PERFORMANCE, CO-CREATION Matthew Rogers, Lyllie Rouvière, Jan Rozman, Grete Šmitaite, Simone Weber STAGE DESIGN Jonas Maria Droste LIGHT DESIGN  Annegret Schalke COSTUMES Malena Modéer DOCUMENTATION Philipp Weinrich MANAGEMENT M.I.C.A. - Movement in Contemporary ArtMUSIC isochronic Tones - Pure Alpha Waves, Khruangbin (August 10), Matthew Herbert (Is Awake, Is Moving, Is Coming), Nisennenmondai (Mirrorball)

Produced by Anna Aristarkhova in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE. Funded by the Senate Chancellery for Culture and Europe. media partner: taz.die tageszeitung


Fotos © Philipp Weinrich