Frédérick Gravel
Fear & Greed
8 Fear and Greed_photo by David Wong_with Frédérick Gravel
August 06 07 | 21.00
Festsaal | 25/15 €

In a revealing solo, Canadian choreographer Frédérick Gravel exposes layers of his psyche - revealing his own fears and unleashing the greedy monster within. 

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Public in Private / Aimé C. Songe
The River - Part 1
the river2
August 15-19 | 19.45
17,17 €

A dreamlike journey on a rowing boat: time to slow down and question the concept of a productive life.

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Sebastian Matthias
Urban Creatures
Urban Creatures_c_Agnes Leclaire 03
August 10 11 12 | 18.00
Festsaal | 25/15 €

In the piece, which is both music theatre and dance performance, the audience itself becomes part of a living sound installation. Electronic sounds emanate from their own mobile phone loudspeakers, which change depending on the distance to the performers and merge into a single collective body of sound.

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Mette Ingvartsen
The Dancing Public
August 17 18 19 | 21.00
Festsaal | 25/15 €

Inspired by the historical phenomenon of dance frenzy - the solo dance mixes ecstatic eruptions with pounding beats and is party, spoken word concert and expression of physical madness to exhaustion all in one.

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Faye Driscoll
Thank You For Coming: Space
01 Faye Driscoll_TYFC_Space_Photo_Maria_Baranova
August 24 25 26 27 | 18.00
Festsaal | 25/15 €

Faye Driscoll stands alone on stage but creates a dynamic group experience. She is part of a complex installation, is wired for sound transmission and is supported by pulleys, ropes or the weight of others.

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Tanz im August 2022
Tanz im August Header

34. International Festival Berlin
August 05-27

The international festival Tanz im August, presented by HAU Hebbel am Ufer, is once again showing a full three-week programme with international and local choreographers from different generations. From August 5–27, 2022 a total of 21 productions with around 200 artists from over 25 countries are being shown in 87 performances at HAU Hebbel am Ufer and 6 other venues in Berlin. 

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Every new year, the Tanztage Berlin is not only the city's very first festival, it has also established itself nationally and internationally as an important platform for emerging dance artists since its founding in 1996. The next edition of Tanztage Berlin will once again take place under the artistic direction of Mateusz Szymanówka. The festival is currently planned for 5-21 January 2023 - however, the form as well as the exact date will depend on the constant reassessment of the pandemic. The festival offers emerging dance artists based in Berlin a framework for their new productions and revivals. The programme of the last two editions can be found at:

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Anne Haug + Melanie Schmidli Projekt Schooriil: Klimawandel 2.0

  • projekt-schooriil_hp
    © Merav Maroody
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2018 January 19 | 21.00
2018 October 19 20 | 21.00
2019 March 01 02 | 21.00
Auf Deutsch - in German

The glaciers are melting, the seals are dying, the earth is shaking. The limbs tremble, the eggs shrink, the seed ebbs. The men whine, the flirt is dead, the act is threatened. SAVE THEM! Climate change affects us all! The two selfless fucktresses Anne and Melanie from Project Schooriil don't close their eyes and get active. They bravely face the new times, because when giants fall, strong role models are needed. Project Schooriil is ready. So you better be ready, too!

Since 2013 Anne Haug and Melanie Schmidli have been producing the satirical-feminist late-night-show Project Schooriil at Sophiensæle - a series whose episodes are developed under high pressure and in a few days. In this way, sixteen evenings have been created so far, in which the duo dealt with the prevailing myths of the acting profession and the regulating conditions of the industry. For example, the permanent sexualization of actresses, the discriminating gender relations, the patriarchal, heterocentric work structures and the infinitely stunted female role spectrum.

BY AND WITH Anne Haug, Melanie Schmidli und ihren Gästen VIDEO, PHOTOS  Kai Wido Meyer

Eine Produktion von Projekt Schooriil GbR in Koproduktion mit SOPHIENSÆLE. Projekt Schooriil wird realisiert aus Mitteln des Theaterpreis des Bundes. Medienpartner: taz. die tageszeitung


Foto © Merav Maroody