Henrike Iglesias Under Pressure
Under Pressure_c_Anna Fries_HP
September 10 11 12 13 | 20.00 Performance
Festsaal | 15/10 EURO

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hannsjana Anstattführung
September 11 | 17.00
September 12 13 | 15.00
Audio Walk
Stadtführung / Start im Hof - Ende U-Bhf. Gesundbrunnen | 15/10 EURO

In a performative audio walk, hannsjana explore the East-West dialogue in Berlin's urban space as a border-crossing pack of bears.

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matthaei & konsorten DIE SUMPFGEBORENE
September 15 16 17 18 19 20 Site-specific Performances
im Stadtraum | Free Entrance

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Rike Flämig / Anna Hentschel / Zwoisy Mears-Clarke POSTOST 2O9O
PostOst 2O2O_c_Miriam Meyer
September 24 25 26 | 20.00
September 26 | 16.00
Festsaal | 15/10 EURO

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Peggy Piesche Labor 89
September 29 | 19.00 reading + discussion
Hochzeitssaal + Online | 15/10 EURO

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No one’s coming, everyone’s going! On July 24, 2020, an enormous festival will take place in Berlin where a stunning number of independent artists and culture makers working in all disciplines will take part – by not showing up. During the coronavirus pandemic, many freelance artists and culture makers have been unable to earn money and pay their living costs. This is why we’re turning to you: Show your solidarity! Buy a ticket for Berlin’s (non) event of the year and don’t show up!

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          Das Ost-West-Ding Caroline Creutzburg wabe[]ost

          c_Gerhard Ludwig_HP
          © Gerhard Ludwig
          © Caroline Creutzburg
          c_Gerhard Ludwig_HP2
          © Gerhard Ludwig

          Digital Media Installation

          2019 October 24 | 19.00 - 22.00
          2019 October 25 26 27 | 16.00 - 22.00

          Deutsch mit englischen Untertiteln


          ADMISSION AT ALL TIMES | YOU MAY STAY AS LONG AS YOU LIKE | LIMITED SEATS | Tickets ONLY available at the box office


          Computer avatars in conversation.

          After interviewing witnesses and heirs of a life in the GDR, the installation presents the audience with bodies of computer-generated avatars. In an intimate setting, they report from their biographies while at the same time denying nostalgic views on individual fates. The stories as a whole draw a fragmentary and broad picture of identity: knowledge and memory unfold in all their (dis)continuities - complex, diverse and full of points of contact.

          CAROLINE CREUTZBURG, born in Berlin, studied at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen. Since 2009 she has been initiating her own stage projects, with which she pursues her interest in both strong and permeable frameworks. She is guided by the questions of implicit forms of addressing, self-determined subjectivity, the supposedly banal and the values of entertainment.

          CONCEPT, ARTISTIC DIRECTION Caroline Creutzburg ARTISTIC ASSISTANCE Elisabeth Hampe CROSS MEDIA AND TECHNICAL ART Todor Stoyanov SPACE David Reiber Otálora TRANSLATION Susan Wille, Konrad Jandavs SPEAKERS Ruby Behrmann, Jacob Bussmann, Katrin Bussmann, Caroline Creutzburg, Jan Gehmlich, Lisa Gehring, Elisabeth Hampe, Klemens Hegen, Stine Hertel, Andreas Jahncke, Lena Jenschovar, Eva Königshofen, Filomena Krause, Wiebke Christin Lebus, Maria-Alexandra Meißner, Cornelia Niemann, Sophie Osburg, Laura Palys, Janna Pinsker, Nora Schneider, Malte Scholz, Nikolas Stäudte, Joana Tischkau, Anette Voig PRODUCTION Lisa Gehring

          A production by Caroline Creutzburg in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE. Supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Capital City Fund within the framework of Das Ost-West-Ding. Media partner: Ask Helmut, Inforadio (rbb), taz. die tageszeitung, Zitty.