Tanztage Berlin 2021

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JANUARY 07 to ∞

Due to the current pandemic situation, the 30th edition of the Tanztage Berlin will start as an online program from January 7 to 16. All planned live performances will then be made up for in spring 2021.
The film showdown AV by choreographer Judith Förster and filmmaker Stella Horta will kick off the festival on January 7. Clay AD will present the first digital premiere of the festival on January 15 with the performance Indication of Spring at the End of Time. We also invite you to an online Zukunftswerkstatt – a series of discussions about work culture and mental health, organized in cooperation with the ZTB (Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin) association. Pedro Marum will also curate an online format focusing on new artistic practices of care in club culture. In addition to this, the festival presents the first three episodes of its podcast, which was prepared in collaboration with the queer-feminist rave collective LECKEN.


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          Cécile Bally The End of the Road

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          2020 February 13 14 15 | 20.30
          2020 February 16 | 18.00

          In English

          Dystopian suburbs of teenage dreams and nightmares. A group of girls meet. They dream of the future and share both individual and collective memories, oscillating between boredom and panic in the highly-planned architecture of their environment. Trapped amongst the remains of an urban nightmare built on earnest but misguided community housing projects, they wonder: Are there still possibilities waiting at The End of the Road? Cécile Bally’s social critique uses Sitcom-strategies to examine visions of radical change at the peripheries of urban life and transports the audience into an imaginary space at the borders of the city.

          Cécile Bally is a Berlin-based choreographer and performer who graduated in dance and choreography at HZT Berlin, UDK. She previously studied Economics at the Ecole Normale Supérieure and the Pantheon Sorbonne University in France. Her artistic work creates connections between these backgrounds and interrogates, with humour, the place of rationality and magical realism in performance. Cécile Bally roots her work in the science-fiction genre with an eye on social criticism, and therefore studies entitites (vampires, supermarkets), triggering dreams, and nightmares both utopian and dystopian.

          CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY, PERFORMANCE Cécile Bally PERFORMANCE Julia Plawgo, Sunayana Shetty, Layton Lachman RAP Haszcara DRAMATURGICAL SUPPORT Jonas Rutgeerts OUTSIDE EYE Asaf Aharonson LIGHT DESIGN Emma Juliard SOUND DESIGN Jassem Hindi STAGE DESIGN Pablo Ramón Benitez, Cécile Bally COSTUMES Sara Wendt PRODUCTION Ann-Christin Görtz, Valerie Terwei PRESSE Louise Trueheart

          A production by Cécile Bally in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE. Funded by the Capital Cultural Fund. With the support of De School van Gaasbeek. Media partner: taz. die tageszeitung