Sophiensæle 23/24


The programme 23/24 of Sophiensæle starts on 07.12.2023

On 7.12.2023, after urgently needed renovation work, the 2023/2024 season will begin at the Sophiensaele under the new artistic direction of Andrea Niederbuchner and Jens Hillje. We will publish the programme for the opening and the season on 26.10.2023, which is also the day when the pre-sale begins.

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Every new year, the Tanztage Berlin is not only the city's very first festival, it has also established itself nationally and internationally as an important platform for emerging dance artists since its founding in 1996. The next edition of Tanztage Berlin will once again take place under the artistic direction of Mateusz Szymanówka. The festival is currently planned for 5-20 January 2024. The festival offers emerging dance artists based in Berlin a framework for their new productions and revivals. The programme of the last two editions can be found at:

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Cora Frost/Rudy van Dongen/Peter Frost & Friends Insel der Orgeln

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February 11 | 20.00
February 12 | 18.00


In German

You can either come directly in comfortable clothes or change on site. In that case, bring a gym bag or similar for your clothes.

The island of the organs (Insel der Orgeln) is surrounded by a water. No one can get to the island in a logical way. And without Peter's help, basically, only a very lucky person makes it. Peter – a myth that comes from somewhere and has always been everywhere. He can go through worlds and lift us through them. On the island, everything is different: you can shed your old skin and be treated by the organs, they say. What exactly happens there, no one knows, because no one has returned...
Every four years there is a special geographical constellation, the fogs on the waters clear and with a good pilot you can follow the ships. It just so happens that we know the date.
This happening of dance, music, performance and installation searches for experienced, repressed and imagined families, for concepts of life and survival. Travelers gather terrible and promising life stories to the polyphony of organs, invoking the healing power of the social family of choice and redefining it in a shared ritual.

If any questions remain from the following information, please feel free to contact Hannah Aldinger at or 030 27 89 00 35. Please note that details may change by the day of the event.


  • 2 to 2,5 hours


  • German spoken language
  • English spoken language
  • singing in different languages (English, German, Portuguese)


  • it gets very bright, very dark and everything in between
  • flickering light
  • backlighting/dazzling light
  • rapid changes of light
  • fog


  • it gets very loud, very quiet and everything in between
  • different instruments are played live


  • This is an interactive performance with proximity to the audience (audience may be approached/touched).
  • At the end of the piece there is the possibility to voluntarily participate in a dance ritual. For this, you can either come directly in comfortable clothes or bring comfortable clothes and change in the back of the stage.
  • Those who do not wish to participate may simply leave. The procedure will be announced and guided in the evening.

Audience area

  • no grandstand
  • various seating options in the room (stools, cushions, chairs)
  • 2 beanbag seats bookable subject to availability
  • 2 wheelchair places bookable according to availability

Early boarding
If, for artistic reasons, the door to the auditorium does not open until very shortly before the performance begins, there is the option of early boarding.


  • reservations can be made via the ticket telephone at 030 283 52 66, Monday to Friday from 4pm-6pm
  • via the online ticket shop
  • at the box office

You can also find more information about accessibility here.

Cora Frost / Peter Frost / Rudy van Dongen works as a singer, author and performer in different constellations and worlds, focusing on music/performance, movement, inside and outside, being on the move. He is currently working on his own new songs for Peter Frost & Band Size 45; and has produced a new CD with Gert Thumser and Sven Ihlenfeld (djinga records): Zeit ist ein Arschloch (; another CD is in the works: Wir waren auch in Zucker&Butter.

Nolundi Tschudi is a performer, musician, director and writer. She works with various collectives in Berlin's independent scene and develops her own solo performances, for which she sews thousands of cloth sausages and throws herself into metaphorical floods of text. Her performances move in a field of tension between socio-political confrontation and neo-surrealist extravagance.

Soroa Lear is a Cuban-American dancer, performer and writer living in Berlin. She loves critical theory and somatic practices, preferably connected. She explores the question of how movement can enable an experience of "undoing". As a performer she works e.g. with Nora Tormann, Søren Siebel, Oriantheater, Carla Mann. And writes texts e.g. for Confluence Journal and others.

Christian Wollert has already worked with Cora Frost in several productions (Männer in Röcken - Freutag). He is an actor of the Thikwa Theatre Berlin and also a great visual artist. The artworks of Christian Wollert, among others from the show as well as from other artists of Theater Thikwa can be purchased here:

Florian Loycke is a puppet maker, tinkerer, storyteller, Helmi Puppet Theatre, optimist, non-verbal performance, music maker, movement maker, project thinker.

Emir Tebatebai does not see himself personally so much as an artist or a performer, who, by the way, has been a member of the puppet theatre group Das Helmi since 2002. Rather as a person who understands how to unknot complicated artistic content. If there is a dead end, Emir prefers to come out with a puppet and tries to find a way out of the shit with simple naivety. 

Florian Hein plays the cello, and loves to develop plays together with other people and to direct choirs between singing and speaking for stages. In addition to his own directing work in theatre, he performs, dances or sings in works by Josephine Witt, Ram Nehari, Olga Hohmann, Peter Frost and Noam Brusilovsky, for example. 

Ray Schneider makes electronic music between pop and techno under the stage name Discount. This can be enjoyed live in the theatre or in the club. Dey currently likes to work with samples and big to very big emotions.

Otto Schönthaler is a sound engineer and jazz pianist and worked for radio, theatre and bands in Berlin for many years. He was piano accompanist for Gayle Tufts, sound engineer for Mikis Theodorakis and the RIAS BIG BAND. He is associated with Cora Frost in productions for the Dresden Schaubudensommer and the Bay of Fat Children in the Sophiensälen and in Munich. He played the organ as a child, later also the guitar and accordion, and he sings in choirs.

Florian Grupp founded the band "Zimtfisch" with Jakob Dobers in the mid-90s and worked with many in the wild Berlin of the 90s, among others closely with Tanja Ries; later with Frost, Dee and Paulus Manker for whom he also composed wonderful songs. For example, the song "Es humt so in mir" for the film "Anima - die Kleider meines Vaters" by Uli Decker as well as songs for his solo album "Àndergassen: Arrival".

TC Schulz is a bass bomber and has been playing hard and heavy since 1987, numerous gigs at home and abroad from New York to LA with Night Ranger (US band with hit's in USA in the 80's), CD with MR. Naughty. From 1993 with Sugar D Smith all over Germany and some gigs in Italy. Studio CD and Live CD. With Peter Frost and Gary Schmalzl foundation of the band Peter Frost & Size 45.

Nomena Struß - freelance player and performer, plays theatre and recorder. She is a professional male performer, writes and develops theatre pieces, is equally at home in the boulevard as in experimental performances. She has played theatre all over Germany, swept stages in South Africa and performed on the streets of New York with the "Living Theatre". She prefers to direct musical theatre.

Pablo Alarcón works as a set, costume and stage designer for independent theatre productions and films. In addition to working for Farhad Payar and Yumiko Yoshioka, he is continuously active for the Thikwa Theatre in Berlin, where he has designed numerous costume designs. He has also worked as a costume designer and costume assistant for festival productions in Salzburg, among other places. Since 2012 he has been art director at the Stelzen-Theater Dulce Compania, Berlin.

SVEN IHLENFELD (PROPELLERSOUND) has been working as a sound engineer, live streamer, sound designer, production and theatre manager in various houses, in the studio and for numerous/different artists since 2000. The spectrum ranges from contemporary art and music to cabaret. The interface between creativity and technical implementation is my core area.

Anna Wille is part of the production office ehrliche arbeit - freies Kulturbüro and works in the field of dramaturgy in various constellations.

BY AND WITH Cora Frost/Rudy van Dongen, Peter Frost, Nolundi Tschudi, Christian Wollert, Otto Schönthaler, Soroa Lear, Florian Loycke, TC Schulz, Emir Tebatebai, Florian Hein, Anna Wille MUSIC Ray Schneider, Florian Grupp, Peter Frost, Otto Schönthaler, TC Schulz STAGE DESIGN Christian Wollert (Theatre Thikwa), Nolundi Tschudi, Pablo Alarcon COSTUME Peter&Pablo, Alarcón/Frost VIDEOPERFORMANCE Nomena Struß, Familie Struß/ TC, Zoe Karla Edith, Helen Belle, Marie Luisa Schulz LIGHTING DESIGN Holger Duhn VIDEO Propellersound, Nomena Struß, Stephan Noe, Peter Frost PUPPENBAU Florian Loycke PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT ehrliche arbeit - freies Kulturbüro

A production by Cora Frost/Rudy van Dongen and Frostlabor/Allianz zur Erforschung menschlichen Glücks in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE. Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR / in the programme #TakeHeart Prozessförderung. With support from Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Theater Thikwa, Propellersound. Thanks to: Remesalt, Laura Méritt/ Exclusivities, Maskworld, Heike Mengebier, Melody Müller, MS Schrittmacher, Leo, Wolfgang, Sven, Svenja, Viktor, Gabi. Media partner: taz.