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We are going to Mars
We are Going to Mars_c_HP
November 30
Eintritt frei

We are Going to Mars uses international video works to explore the history of the first African space program and how the reception of this story has changed over the past fifty years. >> Watch videos here

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Florentina Holzinger
Florentina Holzinger_TANZ_c_Eva Würdinger HP 1
December 11 12 13 | 19.30
Festsaal | 25/18€

The dizzying conclusion of Holzinger‘s trilogy on the body as a spectacle: TANZ deals with physical discipline and the cult of beauty ingrained within the tradition of dance. 

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Siegmar Zacharias & Judith Hamann
WAVES #6 – Listening Sessions Towards Social Bodies
December 13 | 20.00

Sound meditations to dwell together in a space where we do not have to be alone: Siegmar Zacharias and her team offer WAVES in sensory and affective modes as a series of listening sessions together with FFT Düsseldorf and Sophiensæle Berlin, from May until December 2021. 

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Suvi Kemppainen + Josefine Mühle
Baby Choir
Baby Choir_Foto_Venla Helenius_HP
December 16 19 | 19.30
December 17 18 | 21.00
Hochzeitssaal | 15/10 €

Innocent, cute, dependent – Baby Choir throws socially accepted baby images overboard and is  interested in the monstrosity of the baby archetype. What if the baby possessed desire, was capable of action, and had an activist bent to boot?

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Yui Kawaguchi
Mugen_c_Mendora HP
December 17 18 | 19.30
December 19 | 17.00
Festsaal | 15/10 €

Yui Kawaguchi translates in Mugen (Japanese: illusion, infinity) the classical elements of Japanese Nō theatre into a hypnotic interplay of dance, music and light.

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TANZSCOUT Tune-In zu Mugen
December 18 | 17.30
5 €

With playful and practical examinations of the subjects and working methods of the dance piece and by an exchange of material and questions, the workshop participants will be introduced to the upcoming performance event. 

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Tanztage Berlin 2022
Tanztage HP mit Text schwarz
© Jan Grygoriew


In tandem with emerging dance artists connected to our city, Tanztage Berlin 2022 continues to examine what keeps us together and tears us apart. After 2021 the festival took place exclusively online, its 31st edition returns as an extended offline and online program. Alongside the last year’s selection of performances, it includes new creations and discourse formats on power, protest, and empowerment. The work presented during Tanztage Berlin 2022 critically navigates the present by reimagining past and future encounters on the dance floor. While dealing with acute problems like power relations, surveillance, disembodiment, or climate change, it tunes into the social body, creating much-needed moments of awareness, connectedness, and self-determination. Unlike the 21st-century billionaire strategy of abandoning earth in a rocket ship or escaping into a parallel virtual universe, the festival chooses instead to stay with the trouble: to celebrate dancing together through the crisis and against despair.

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Die Enthüllung des Realen

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2013 November 07 | 19.00
2013 November 08 09 | 16.00
Various Locations
Auf Deutsch - in German

The first comprehensive exhibition of the work by the theater and film production society IIPM! For the three days long the Sophiensaele will become an accessible scenic archive devoted to the dismal moments of the past. In addition to the cinematic and installative presentation, and talks about past productions such as Hate Radio or Die Moskauer Prozesse, the exhibition will provide insight into IIPM’s current projects.


7.00 p.m., Opening exhibition

8.15 p.m, Die Darstellung des Undarstellbaren - Festsaal (in German)

GUESTS Inke Arns, Patrick Primavesi, Milo Rau, Michail Ryklin PRESENTATION Tobi Müller


4.00-8.00 p.m., exhibition

8.15 p.m., What is to be done - Festsaal (in English)

GUESTS Rabih Mroué, Milo Rau, Dmitri Vilenski PRESENTATION Florian Malzacher


4.00-8.00 p.m., exhibition

8.15 p.m., Die Berliner Gespräche - Swiss Embassy Berlin, Ballsaal (in French with German simultaneous translation)

GUESTS Jean-Louis Gilissen, Marcel Kabanda, Pierre Péan PRESENTATION Milo Rau

cONcEPT, Artistic Direction Milo Rau Stage setting Anton Lukas Company Mangement, cURATION Eva-Maria Bertschy, Mascha Euchner-Martinez, Milena Kipfmüller SOUND-, VIDEODESIGN Jens Baudisch DOcUMENTATION Markus Tomsche Research Collaboration Rolf Bossart

In collaboration with the publishing house Verbrecher Verlag, the publishing house Theater der Zeit and SOPHIENSÆLE. Funded by Regierender Bürgermeister von Berlin – Senatskanzlei – Kulturelle Angelegenheiten. Special thanks to our media partners Der Freitag and taz.die tageszeitung.

photo © Karl-Bernd Karwasz