Melanie Jame Wolf

© Ashton Green

FEBRUAR 11 – 24

Pop music often uses the little word TONIGHT in songs as a bittersweet promise. Humorously and with the proper rock star poses, Melanie Jame Wolf, together with Sheena McGrandles and Rodrigo Garcia Alves, gets to the bottom of this pop cultural poetics and its commercial exploitation.

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Sheena McGrandles
Figured + Flush

Figured | © Martin Rottenkolber

FEBRUARY 20 | 19.00 PM | Premiere

In Figured and Flush, Sheena McGrandles explores radical temporality. With great attention to detail, Figured exposes the absurdity and artificiality of everyday gestures. Flush, following Gertrude Stein, breaks down linear and traditional forms of storytelling-perhaps even evoking a new lesbian temporality and aesthetic.

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          Eva Meyer-Keller Living Matters

          • Eva Meyer-Keller Living Matters © Ayala Gazit_6_HP
            © Ayala Gazit
          • Eva Meyer-Keller Living Matters © Ayala Gazit_HP
            © Ayala Gazit
          • Eva Meyer-Keller Living Matters © Ayala Gazit_HP_
            © Ayala Gazit
          • Eva Meyer-Keller Living Matters © Ayala Gazit_1_HP
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          • Eva Meyer-Keller Living Matters © Ayala Gazit_8_HP
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          • Living Matters_c_Ayala Gazit_HP
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          2020 February 20 21 22 | 20.00
          2020 February 23 | 18.00

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          Eva Meyer-Keller’s hybrid performances fluctuate between the visual and performing arts. Her stagings invoke elements of workshops, kitchens, laboratories and landscapes where she engages ‘hands-on’ to re-enact complex scientific and abstract phenomena. In Living Matters she employs the practices and images of cell research and infects them with the residue of personal crises: organic and inorganic bodies and substances react to and with each other; dividing, multiplying, arranging, self-organizing. The evening combines the methodical investigation of “life” with the overwhelming and excessive demands of lives being lived.

          FEBRUARY 22 | 18.00 PM | Talk with scientists* of the Simone Reber Laboratory for Quantitative Biology

          EVA MEYER-KELLER works at the interface of performance and visual art. Before graduating from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam she studied photography and visual art in Berlin (Hochschule der Künste) and London (Central St. Martins and Kings College). Her artwork is distinctive due to its meticulous attention to detail. Eva Meyer-Keller often uses everyday objects from her immediate surroundings, things that she finds at home, in the supermarket or in the tool shed. Currently she is working on a trilogy of performance works in dialogue with natural scientists focusing on how models do not just describe reality, but rather they create their own. The first part titled Some Significance premiered in November 2017, Living Matters is the second part of the trilogy. Since 2010 she has ongoing teaching positions at several degree programs across Europe amongst others at the HZT/UdK and Bard College in Berlin, DOCH and the MA course 'The Autonomous Actor' in Stockholm, ZHdk in Zürich and the University of Hildesheim. evamk.de

          CONCEPT, PERFORMANCE Eva Meyer-Keller CO-cREATION, PERFORMANCE Tamara Saphir, Annegret Schalke, Agata Siniarska MUSIC Rico Lee CO-DRAMATURG Constanze Schellow RESEARCH PARTNER Ilya Noé COSTUME, REQUISITES Sara Wendt SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH Simone Reber und Forschungsteam LIGHT Annegret Schalke TECHNICAL DIRECTION Björn Stegmann ASSISTANCE Emilia Schlosser, Janine Iten PRODUCTION Ann-Christin Görtz, Maxi Menja Lehmann

          A production by Eva Meyer-Keller in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE and PACT Zollverein. Funded by the Capital Cultural Fund. Supported by Kunstencentrum BUDA and Simone Reber / Reber Lab. The audiodescription of Living Matters is carried out in cooperation with mapping dance berlin, part of the project Attention Dance II. From 2018 until 2021 the project is funded by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) and the State of Berlin.Media partner: taz. die tageszeitung.