Interrobang Livestream: Familiodrom
December 08 09 | 19.30
December 12 13 | 16.00
Online | 10/7 EURO

In Familiodrom, Interrobang gives birth to a child together with the online audience. Immediately the freshly baked parents' collective is stuck in the ideological swamp of cloth diapers, ready-to-eat porridge, sleep training, shame and guilt.

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Company Christoph Winkler It's All Forgotten Now
christoph-winkler_c_gabriella-fiore_presse 1
December 11-18 Dance/film
Online | Ab 11. Dezember hier zu sehen

Dance meets music, film, video and spoken word: The performative homage to Mark Fisher can be seen here as an online adaptation in English with German audio description from December 11-18.

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Saša Asentić & Collaborators and Bojana Cvejić Running Commentary on Dis_Sylphide
December 20 | 11.00 Zoom-webinar
Online | Eintritt frei

Running Commentary on Dis_Sylphide will take place on Zoom WebinarThe video of Dis_Sylphide performance will be live-streamed, and presented with audiodescription. Different "interpreters" with and without disabilities will deliver their running commentaries live on separate audio channels. 

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Tanztage Berlin 2021


JANUAR 07 bis ∞

Since hard times require furious dancing, the 30th edition of Tanztage Berlin under the new curation of Mateusz Szymanówka investigates dance’s anti-authoritarian tradition. From January 7th onwards, in the dystopian “now” after the afterparty, the festival presents twelve performances by emerging choreographers which examine the body in revolt - in its fragility, mortality and ability to transform itself and the others.

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          Risk and Resilience Flinn Works Learning Feminism from Rwanda

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          2020 October 29 30 31 | 21.00
          2020 November 01 | 18.00



          Due to Covid-19, two performers will appear live on stage and four will perform on video.

          Taking Rwanda as an example, Flinn Works consider the women's quota as a political instrument: with 61% female members of parliament, Rwanda has almost twice as many women in parliament as Germany and in this respect has long since achieved what women throughout Europe are still fighting for. After the genocide in 1994, the East African country made gender justice the basis of its policy - in Germany, parity is still far away despite the basis in the constitution. On the trail of Rwandan fast-track feminism, Flinn Works lead through shiny statistics and glass ceilings behind the scenes of home and hearth. A Rwandan drum on stage is the key to power. It was formerly only played for the king, now six performers play for the queen. For Merkel. For parity. With flaming speeches, statistics, lamentations and protest choreographies they perform for the poor Europe, which is struggling for meagre quotas, while Rwandan pilots fly drones with blood bottles across the country and digital data rush to the smartphones of female members of parliament. How does the women's quota change culture and mindset?

          Accessibility information
          The show lasts 75 minutes without a break and is performed in English, German and Kinyarwandic spoken language. There are partly German subtitles and partly live spoken translations from English and Kinyaruanda into German spoken language. In one scene there are fast light changes, loud music and noises, which are also reflected in relatively fast images on the screen. There is verbal interaction with the audience. If you need to leave the room during the show, re-entrance is not possible. The information on accessibility will be continuously updated. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact or 030 27 89 00 35.

          FLINN WORKS has been working on current issues of the globalised world with feminist and post-colonial questions since 2009. The pieces are based on intensive research and use the political and aesthetic attitudes of the international performers for a multi-perspective dramaturgy. At the SOPHIENSÆLE they recently showed Fear + Fever (2019) together with Asedeva, Kosa la Vita - Kriegsverbrechen (2018) and Global Belly (2017).



          Artistic directION Lisa Stepf, Sophia Stepf BY AND WITH Yvette Niyomufasha, Natasha Muziramakenga, Wesley Ruzibiza, Nirere Shanel, Lisa Stepf/Cornelia Dörr DIRECTOR Sophia Stepf VIDEO DESIGN, SCENOGRAPHY Marc Jungreithmeier SET Büro unbekannt Berlin CHOREOGRAPHY Wesley Ruzibiza COMPOSITION Andi Otto COSTUMES Tatjana Kautsch in collaboration with Cédric Mizero, Maximilian Muhawenimana, Afriek, Ibaba Rwanda and Louise Mutabazi RECORDINGS INANGA Sophia Nzayisenga VIDEO Rwanda Kivu Ruhorahoza LIGHT DESIGN, TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Susana Alonso Assistant Director Annekatrin Utke PRODUCTION RWANDA, DRAMATURGY Louise Mutabazi PRODUCTION + COMPANY MANAGEMENT Gustavo Fijalkow

          A production by Flinn Works in cooperation with EANT Festival/Amizero Kompagnie and in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE, Theater Freiburg, Goethe-Institut Kigali, Kaserne Basel, HELLERAU - European Centre for the Arts, Maillon Théâtre de Strasbourg - scène européenne. In cooperation with Staatstheater Kassel, Theater Tuchlaube Aarau and FFT Düsseldorf. Supported by the Capital Cultural Fund, the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, the Cultural Office of the City of Kassel, the Gerhard-Fieseler-Stiftung and Between Bridges. With thanks to the Theaterhaus Mitte. Media partner: taz. die tageszeitung.