Today | 20:00
Tomi Paasonen
Pas de Q
Tomi Paasonen-final-15
December 03 | 20.00
December 04 | 18.00
Festsaal | 15/10 €

Pas de Q enters the classical ballet world to turn choreographic forms and traditions upside down and reinvent them. A queer ensemble of male and non-binary dancers
pushes movement, dance and queer aesthetics to the extreme. In a utopian science fiction world, the team fuses drag art and pointe dance into a labyrinth of imaginative perversions, beyond morality and shame. 

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Enad Marouf
In My Hand a Word
8U4A4888 landscape
December 09 10 | 20.00
December 10 | 17.00
December 11 | 18.00
Hochzeitssaal | 15/10 €

In the scenic adaptation of his own text, the Syrian-German performance and video artist Enad Marouf deals with loss from a queer perspective: the loss of family, home and relationships, but also that of meaning and language. The audience enters a place where fragments overlap. Two figures move through scenes whose internal coherence continues to unravel through memories, anecdotes, and associative references.

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Melanie Jame Wolf
The Creep
01_AlexanderCoggin_BAL_MJW_HIGHRES copy
December 17 18 | 16.00

The Creep at feldfünf is the first in a series of installations by Berlin based choreographer and visual artist, Melanie Jame Wolf, in which she will enact her ongoing creep studies. It is a choreography between two figures – a cowboy and a mountain – embodying a poetic meditation on violence and storytelling.

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Jelena Stefanoska & Saša Asentić
Жизела / Giselle
PM_Sasa Asentic_Giselle_Foto_Marija Erdelji_4026
December 17 18 | 18.00
Festsaal | 15/10 €

Жизела / Giselle uses dance and language to explore the similarities and differences between the artist Jelena Stefanoska and the tragic ballet character Giselle. The piece tells of the need to love and be loved – and, above all, of the desire and feeling to live a life with dignity.

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Tanztage Berlin 2023
© Jan Grygoriew

JANUAR 05 – 21

Hey, why do you look so tired? "Urgency culture" expects us to be connected and responsive constantly. There is little to no time left to imagine the world otherwise. Tanztage Berlin – a yearly festival highlighting the work of the city's emerging dance makers – is back to diagnose the present and predict the future. Its 32nd edition investigates our daily overstimulation and chronic fatigue by reflecting on how we move to the rhythm of today's high-speed, social media-driven reality and its challenges.

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Henrike Iglesias FLAMES TO DUST

  • HenrikeIglesias_FlamestoDust_©DorotheaTuch_5740
    © Dorothea Tuch
  • HenrikeIglesias_FlamestoDust_©DorotheaTuch_5711
    © Dorothea Tuch
  • FLAMES_©DorotheaTuch_3294
    © Dorothea Tuch
  • FLAMES_©DorotheaTuch_3428
    © Dorothea Tuch
  • FLAMES_©DorotheaTuch_3572
    © Dorothea Tuch
  • FLAMES_©DorotheaTuch_3624
    © Dorothea Tuch
  • FLAMES_©DorotheaTuch_3779
    © Dorothea Tuch
2022 November 16 17 18 19 | 19.00
2022 November 17 18 | 21.00
2022 November 19 | 17.00


in English and German

It is compulsory to wear an FFP2 mask. Exceptions are made for visitors who are unable to wear an FFP2 mask for health/physical reasons and for visitors who communicate in sign language.

This is an interactive performance. Each audience member needs a mobile phone to participate in the performance. If you cannot bring a smartphone, the performance collective will provide you one to participate in the performance.

FLAMES TO DUST is a show about finality and sadness, endings and loops and loops and endings. Together we ask ourselves: why do all good things come to an end (end)? And what if we could start over again? Inspired by the Death Positive Movement the performance collective explores mortality and shares personal experiences. 

The audience is invited to take part in the performance via an easily accessible website using their own smartphone. Between apocalypse and rebirth, we ask: What are the narratives that make our existence seem kind of meaningful? What kind of relationship do we have to death? Why do we often avoid its presence in our everyday life? And what does death mean for queer family constructs?

Henrike Iglesias celebrate 10 years! 10 years ago we drove with Sophia's Renault Twingo to the stage of the Burgtheater of the University of Hildesheim, and, a few months later, to the canteen of the Sophiensæle. On this precise spot we would like to celebrate our birthday with you on 19.11. - 10 years full of Love, Sweat, Fears and Tears and many Changes. Come by for drinks, feelings, multi-layered  cakes, hits and dances with us! As DJ we have requested Enrique Iglesias.

The FFP-2 mask requirement is suspended for the party. AND - WE HAVE A BIG BIRTHDAY WISH: Please test yourself at home or where ever with a Corona rapid self-test before attending our party. We wish for a party that is as Corona-safe as possible.

In the performance, death and grief are explicitly addressed and the experiences of those affected are shared. Among other things, the experience of losing a child is shared in detail in a chat.

If any questions remain from the following information, please feel free to contact Hannah Aldinger at or 030 27 89 00 35. Please note that details may change by the day of the event.

The performance lasts 90 minutes and uses English and German spoken and written language. It is suitable for audiences aged 12 and over. LED lights, fog and smoke will be used on stage. There is often darkness and black-outs during the performance. 

It is an interactive performance. Each audience member needs a mobile phone to participate in the performance. If you cannot bring a smartphone, the performance collective will provide one for you to participate in the performance. Through a QR code, you can call up a website on your mobile phone and intervene in the action on stage. Navigation on the website is in English written language. The performance collective interacts with the audience via the website. Depending on the reaction of the audience, interaction between performers and audience can happen. Sometimes different mobile phone sounds can be heard simultaneously from the audience. The performers will be happy to help you with any technical queries. Participation in the performance by actively using the website is voluntary. However, accessing the website on a mobile phone is necessary to participate in the performance.

The audience area comprises two rows of podiums facing each other. The audience will sit in these two rows facing each other during the performance. The space in between is used as a stage. There are two wheelchair spaces and two beanbag spaces integrated into these two rows at ground level. These can be reserved depending on availability or purchased in the online ticket shop or at the box office. If, for artistic reasons, the door to the auditorium does not open until very shortly before the performance begins, there is the option of early boarding. This is early admission for all people (especially with visible or non-visible disabilities) who want a specific seat or a more relaxed entrance. Early Boarding usually starts 10-20 minutes before the performance starts. The meeting point is next to the bar. Five minutes before early boarding begins, an announcement will be made on the spot to draw your attention to it. Our evening staff will be happy to help you find the meeting point.

You can also find more information about accessibility here.

HENRIKE IGLESIAS understand pop cultural and mass media phenomena as a mirror of societal attitudes and grievances, and love to explore them from queer and feminist perspectives. Based in Berlin and Basel , they make experimental performances. The permanent crew includes Anna Fries, Eva G. Alonso, Malu Peeters, Marielle Schavan and Sophia Schroth. Their performances are primarily housed in the Sophiensælen and have also been invited to imagetanz Vienna, the Heidelberg Stückemarkt, the FIBA Festival in Buenos Aires, the digital Showcase of the Theatertreffen and Politik im Freien Theater, among others.

CONCEPT, TEXT, PERFORMANCE Henrike Iglesias (Anna Fries, Eva G. Alonso, Malu Peeters, Marielle Schavan, Sophia Schroth) CODING, CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY bleeptrack COSTUME Mascha Mihoa Bischoff DIRECTOR'S ASSISTANCE & Voice Performance María Giacaman COSTUME ASSISTANCE Marie Göhler Ceramics Lauriane Daphne Carl PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT (D) ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT (CH) Maxine Devaud / oh la la - performing arts production TRANSLATION Naomi Boyce Outside Eye Olivia Hyunsin Kim Sound support Lisa Esswein

A production by Henrike Iglesias in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE, FFT Düsseldorf, brut Wien, ROXY Birsfelden. Supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR, the Fachausschuss Tanz und Theater BS/BL and the Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung SIS. Media partner: taz, die tageszeitung.