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          Isabelle Schad Knotting

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          The film for the performance Knotting documents the research for the piece in excerpts and was shot as an experiment five days before the planned premiere. The choreographic portrait is inspired by the fluid, elastic, expansive movements of the dancer Francesca d'Ath and shows a physical confrontation with the knot. A deep blue surface creates references in the set between heaven and earth, between reality and dream. A lucid space is created that makes parts of the body appear like cut-outs, referencing, among other things, the sensual and soft forms of painter Henri Matisse's works. The choreography is a powerful, ongoing play with repetition and change – with movement that never begins, never ends.

          Tanzscout 2.0 for Knotting
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          The Tanzscout team invites you to an audio Tune-in & collage Wrap-up online, with which they continue to connect dance pieces and audience members. The digital space for tuning in and exchanging is the Padlet format. It is a very intuitive tool that works just like a pinboard and you can access it by means of the link supplied above. On the Padlet you will find an introductory 15-minute audio to tune in mind and body to the themes that the filmed piece Knotting refers to. Just find some time and space for yourself to listen and follow the instructions. After watching the film you can return to the Padlet for the Wrap-up. You can share your impressions on the Padlet through photos, videos, audio recordings and links. You can also connect your contribution to others and reveal new meanings. In this way all participants build a Collage that reflects the multifaceted voice of the audience up to the last day on which the Film is available.

          HOST María Ferrara

          ISABELLE SCHAD is a dancer and choreographer, studied classical dance and worked with numerous choreographers before she started to develop her own projects in 1999. Her research focuses on the body and its materiality, explores the relationships between body, choreography, (re)presentation, form and experience, and considers physical practice as a place for learning processes, community and political participation. Her projects operate at the interface of dance, performance and visual arts and are shown at festivals, theaters and museums worldwide. isabelle-schad.net

          CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY Isabelle Schad CO-CHOREOGRAPHY, PERFORMANCE Francesca d'Ath SOUND Damir Simunović LIGHT Emma Juliard COSTUME Charlotte Pistorius PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Heiko Schramm CAMERA Walter Bickmann, Doris Kolde Editing Walter Bickmann in Zusammenarbeit mit Isabelle Schad

          Eine Produktion von Isabelle Schad in Koproduktion mit SOPHIENSÆLE. Gefördert durch die Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Unterstützt durch Wiesen55 e.V. Medienpartner: taz. die tageszeitung