Tanztage Berlin 2021

© Jan Grygoriew

JANUARY 07 to ∞

Due to the current pandemic situation, the 30th edition of the Tanztage Berlin will start as an online program from January 7 to 16. All planned live performances will then be made up for in spring 2021.
The film showdown AV by choreographer Judith Förster and filmmaker Stella Horta will kick off the festival on January 7. Clay AD will present the first digital premiere of the festival on January 15 with the performance Indication of Spring at the End of Time. We also invite you to an online Zukunftswerkstatt – a series of discussions about work culture and mental health, organized in cooperation with the ZTB (Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin) association. Pedro Marum will also curate an online format focusing on new artistic practices of care in club culture. In addition to this, the festival presents the first three episodes of its podcast, which was prepared in collaboration with the queer-feminist rave collective LECKEN.


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          Isabelle Schad Knotting & Rotations

          • knotting_c_dieter-hartwig_HP 2
            Knotting, © Dieter Hartwig
          • knotting_c_dieter-hartwig_HP 5
            Knotting, © Dieter Hartwig
          • Rotations_c_Dieter Hartwig_HP 3
            Rotations, © Dieter Hartwig
          • Rotations_c_Dieter Hartwig_HP 1
            Rotations, © Dieter Hartwig


          2020 November 06 07 08 09 | 20.00

          Few/no language


          Unfortunately the shows are cancelled. It is planed to make up for them in spring 2021. All purchased tickets will be automatically refunded.

          Isabelle Schad celebrates the beauty of simple movement sequences in two powerful solos. In Rotations, the movements of the dancer Claudia Tomasi rotate and accumulate into an energetic flow, creating the illusion that her body is moving by itself. Between precision and loss of control, the choreography creates an astonishing energy. In Knotting, the dancer Francesca d'Ath deals with the knot in fluid, space-filling movements. A deep blue surface in the stage set creates references between heaven and earth, between reality and dream. She creates a space that makes parts of the body appear like cut-outs with fluid, soft forms by the painter Henri Matisse. The choreography is an ongoing game of repetition and change – with movement that never begins, never ends.


          ISABELLE SCHAD is a dancer and choreographer, studied classical dance and worked with numerous choreographers before she started to develop her own projects in 1999. Her research focuses on the body and its materiality, explores the relationships between body, choreography, (re)presentation, form and experience, and considers physical practice as a place for learning processes, community and political participation. Her projects operate at the interface of dance, performance and visual arts and are shown at festivals, theaters and museums worldwide. isabelle-schad.net

          CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY Isabelle Schad CO-CHOREOGRAPHY, PERFORMANCE Francesca d'Ath (Knotting) CO-CHOREOGRAPHY, PERFORMANCE Claudia Tomasi (Rotations) SOUND Damir Simunović LIGHT Emma Juliard COSTUMES Charlotte Pistorius OBJECT Volker Hüdepohl PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Heiko Schramm

          A production by Isabelle Schad in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE and Transart Festival Bozen. Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. Supported by the Nationale Performance Netz co-production fund for dance. Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media and supported by Wiesen55 e.V. Media partner: taz. die tageszeitung