Sophiensæle 23/24


The programme 23/24 of Sophiensæle starts on 07.12.2023

On 7.12.2023, after urgently needed renovation work, the 2023/2024 season will begin at the Sophiensaele under the new artistic direction of Andrea Niederbuchner and Jens Hillje. We will publish the programme for the opening and the season on 26.10.2023, which is also the day when the pre-sale begins.

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© Jan Grygoriew


Every new year, the Tanztage Berlin is not only the city's very first festival, it has also established itself nationally and internationally as an important platform for emerging dance artists since its founding in 1996. The next edition of Tanztage Berlin will once again take place under the artistic direction of Mateusz Szymanówka. The festival is currently planned for 5-20 January 2024. The festival offers emerging dance artists based in Berlin a framework for their new productions and revivals. The programme of the last two editions can be found at:

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Leisure & Pleasure Juan Pablo Cámara Main, main, who's there?

image_juan pablo camara_(c)Jessica Andrey Bogush, Zander Porter
© Jessica Andrey Bogush, Zander Porter
June 08 09 | 19.30


in English

“Main character syndrome” is a social media/pop culture invention in which a person behaves as if they were the main character of a fictional story. The performance uses this notion to explore and challenge senses of selfhood and togetherness in times of pornographic narcissism. It blurs the lines between personal and fictional, experienced and represented, individual and relational. Mirrored dances and satirical laments compose a choreography of hope and delusion, psychological exhaustion and soothing intimacy.

If any questions remain from the following information, please feel free to contact Hannah Aldinger at or 030 27 89 00 35. Please note that details may change by the day of the event. Therefore, if you find out after you have purchased your ticket that the performance is no longer accessible to you, you can contact us for a ticket return at or 030 27 89 00 45 until 5 business days after the event (Monday through Friday between 10am and 6pm).


  • 45 minutes


  • English spoken language
  • On a prop the English word "main" is written.


  • White dance floor
  • White curtains hang on the walls of the room.
  • The performance area is bordered in the room by two transparent curtains (on the sides without grandstands).
  • In the room 4 mirrors hang from the ceiling at different places.
  • The show is already running as the audience enters the room.


  • The lighting situation is an important part of the performance. It is creating vibe and environment.
  • The light consists of blue tones that are common under water.
  • Florescent light in purple is used in places.


  • The sound situation is an important part of the performance. It is creating vibe and environment.
  • An abstract instrumental soundtrack is used throughout the performance.
  • There are louder and quieter moments. However, the performance generally uses rather heavy sound.

Other effects

  • Smoke is used.
  • A performer films what is happening on stage. However, what is filmed is not projected.

Audience area

  • Seated grandstand on two sides of the room
  • 2 beanbag seats bookable according to availability
  • 2 wheelchair seats bookable according to availability

Early boarding
If, for artistic reasons, the door to the auditorium does not open until very shortly before the performance begins, there is the option of early boarding.


  • Reservations can be made via the ticket telephone at 030 283 52 66, Monday to Friday from 4pm-6pm
  • Via the online ticket shop
  • At the box office

You can also find more information about accessibility here.

Juan Pablo Cámara is an Argentinean-born, Berlin-based choreographer and performer who graduated from the School for new Dance Development in Amsterdam. Hailing from a country renowned for its psychoanalytical traditions, he harnesses his own (non-traditional) psychoanalytical practice to explore the boundaries between the personal, the fictional, the cultural. Central to his artistic vision is a fascination with artificiality and hyper-theatricality as tools for world-making and identity construction. By employing elements of irony, absurdity, and skepticism, he challenges conventional notions and prompts viewers to critically engage with the processes through which identities are shaped and narratives are formed. He has performed in theatres and museums across Europe, North and South America, and collaborated with artists such as Michele Rizzo, Jefta van Dinther, Adam Linder. He was in residency at Sophiensæle in the frame of the New Techniques residency program 2022. 

CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY Juan Pablo Cámara PERFORMANCE BY AND WITH Liina Magnea, Juan Pablo Cámara SOUND DESIGN Mauro Guz Bejar LIGHT DESIGN Emilio Cordero Checa SET DESIGN Jessica Andrey Bogush DRAMATURGICAL ADVISE Karol Tyminski MAKE UP Queen of Virginity COSTUMES Juliane König, Juan Pablo Cámara, Liina Magnea SPECIAL THANKS Maciek Sado, Ewa Dziarnowska, Zander Porter, Maja Zimmermann, Mateusz Szymanówka, Jefta van Dinther

A production by Juan Pablo Cámara in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE within the frame of Leisure & Pleasure, supported by the Capital Cultural Fund. With kind support by Diorama Berlin. Media partners: Arts of the Working Class, Berlin Art Link, Kulturplakatierung, Missy Magazine, Rausgegangen, tip Berlin, taz.die tageszeitung.