Hauen und Stechen_Salome_c_Thilo Moessner_HP
January 27 28 29 | 20.00
January 30 | 18.00
music theatre
Festsaal | 15/10 Euro

The Berlin music theatre group Hauen und Stechen presents its version of the opera Salomé. The production, based on an opera by Richard Strauss and a text by Oscar Wilde, alternates between music and dance. It is a film, a journey, a fair and a dance of death all in one.

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Athina Lange + Pawel Aderhold
whatremainsofme_c_DorotheaTuch 02_HP
January 31 | 19.00
February 01 | 19.00
Hochzeitssaal | 15/10 €

The way we perceive our reality is shaped by the language of our senses. But what happens when this fine interplay is disturbed? A search for traces of perception and experience.

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Hendrik Quast
Spill your guts
Pressefoto 26.11.21_21_SpillYourGuts_Plakat_2E01-01
February 03 04 05 | 19.30
February 06 | 17.00
Festsaal | 15/10 €

For his latest project, Hendrik Quast learns the art of ventriloquism in order to approach the chronic inflammatory bowel disease ulcerative colitis artistically. In conversation with the disease, new ways of speaking and images of chronic illness emerge, opening up unusual spaces of humor for the ill and healthy audience.

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Nima Séne
auf den weg zu mir / auf den weg zu dir
Nima Séne_c_Mayra Wallraff_ HP_quer
February 12 13 14 15 | 21.00
Hochzeitssaal | 15/10 €

In auf den weg zu mir / auf den weg zu dir, Nima Séne traces the history and lyrical legacy of the poet and activist May Ayim.

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Olivia Hyunsin Kim / Ddanddarakim
History has failed us, but…
History has failed us but_Foto_Mayra Wallraff_0
February 13 14 15 16 | 19.00
Festsaal | 15/10 €

History has failed us, but... deals with physical forms of protest and searches for a solidary togetherness while taking into account different bodies. Which narratives and images of resistance are remembered - and how are they told?

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Simone Dede Ayivi und Kompliz*innen
February 21-28
Website |

The online audiovisual installation is dedicated to family narratives, generational conflicts, political struggles, and visions of the future in families of immigrant heritage.

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Ania Nowak
Golden Gate
February 24 25 26 | 20.00
February 27 | 16.00
Festsaal | 15/10 €

For a long time now, collective mourning and its rituals have been disappearing from public space. Golden Gate questions our normative perceptions of loss and mourning. What is queer grief and in what way can it become a collective movement of melancholy and resistance? 

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Queer Darlings 3
© Bas De Brouwer

MARCH 1–13

In the third round of our spring series QUEER DARLINGS we again bring old and new favorites to Berlin: Frédéric Gies, Cherish Menzo, Vincent Riebeek, Teresa Vittucci + Colin Self, tiran, and others focus on contemporary translations of archetypal figures and myths: They appropriate archetypes in order to remove the basis of stereotypes, and create new mythologies in order to establish communities that are as tender as they are political.

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Tanzplattform Deutschland 2022
© Dorothea Tuch

MARCH 16–20

From March 16 to 20, the Tanzplattform Deutschland 2022 festival will gather 13 current and remarkable positions of dance and choreographic creation in Berlin, including three Sophiensaele productions by Sheena McGrandles, Joana Tischkau and Michelle Moura.

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Das Ost-West-Ding Jule Flierl + Mars Dietz Wismut: A Nuclear Choir

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2019 October 17 18 19 20 | 20.00
Deutsch + Englisch


For 44 years, the mining company Wismut extracted uranium from the Ore Mountains of Saxony for use in the Soviet atomic project. Today, the mines are closed, but the history radiates through the landscape and bodies. In this docu-dance, a movement choir invites the audience into the hollowed-out landscapes to see what new forms of collective, ideology, landscape and life can exist here.

feat DJ Nara and DJ Mars Dietz aka Sapphic Faggot (experimental music, bass, dance, kuduro, reggaeton, trap, hip hop, brazilian baile funk)

JULE FLIERL (Berlin) wants to tell the story of sound dance. In STÖRLAUT (2018), she embraces the vocal dances of Valeska Gert, mobilizes them as forms that extraterrestrial proclamation exercises when other types of speech fail; STÖRLAUT brought her the title Hoffnungsträgerin 2018 from "Tanz" magazine.

MARS DIETZ (New York/Berlin) deals with landscape use and human geography. Her focus is on resource extraction. Her work includes sound installations such as freedom from speech and she is a DJ member of "Bodysnatch".

CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY Jule Flierl CONCEPT, INSTALLATION, SOUND Mars Dietz NUCLEAR CORE Zoë Knights, Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, Cathy Walsh NUCLEARER CHOIR Gretchen Blegen, Pauline Brun, Mars Dietz, Jule Flierl, Zoë Knights, Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, Luise Meier, Nara Virgens, Cathy Walsh STAGE Pauline Brun LIGHT Gretchen Blegen COSTUME Claudia Hill DRAMATURGy Luise Meier PRODUcTION Alexandra Wellensiek PRODUCTIOn ASSISTANCE Nara Virgens

A production by Jule Flierl + Mars Dietz in co-production with Residenz Schauspiel Leipzig and SOPHIENSÆLE. Supported by the Capital Cultural City Fund and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. Thanks to Mika Hayashi Ebbesen, Patrick Primavesi and Kunsthaus KuLe Berlin. Media partner: Ask Helmut, Inforadio (rbb), taz. die tageszeitung, Zitty.