Henrike Iglesias Under Pressure
Under Pressure_c_Anna Fries_HP
September 10 11 12 13 | 20.00 Performance
Festsaal | 15/10 EURO

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hannsjana Anstattführung
September 11 | 17.00
September 12 13 | 15.00
Audio Walk
Stadtführung / Start im Hof - Ende U-Bhf. Gesundbrunnen | 15/10 EURO

In a performative audio walk, hannsjana explore the East-West dialogue in Berlin's urban space as a border-crossing pack of bears.

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matthaei & konsorten DIE SUMPFGEBORENE
September 15 16 17 18 19 20 Site-specific Performances
im Stadtraum | Free Entrance

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Rike Flämig / Anna Hentschel / Zwoisy Mears-Clarke POSTOST 2O9O
PostOst 2O2O_c_Miriam Meyer
September 24 25 26 | 20.00
September 26 | 16.00
Festsaal | 15/10 EURO

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Peggy Piesche Labor 89
September 29 | 19.00 reading + discussion
Hochzeitssaal + Online | 15/10 EURO

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No one’s coming, everyone’s going! On July 24, 2020, an enormous festival will take place in Berlin where a stunning number of independent artists and culture makers working in all disciplines will take part – by not showing up. During the coronavirus pandemic, many freelance artists and culture makers have been unable to earn money and pay their living costs. This is why we’re turning to you: Show your solidarity! Buy a ticket for Berlin’s (non) event of the year and don’t show up!

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          FERNÁNDEZ / PIQUERO / VITERI Fan De Ellas

          c_Bea Rodrigues_HP7
          © Bea Rodrigues
          c_Dieter Hartwig_HP
          © Dieter Hartwig
          © Bea Rodrigues
          c_Dieter Hartwig_HP1
          © Dieter Hartwig
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          © Dieter Hartwig
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          © Dieter Hartwig
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          © Bea Rodrigues
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          © Bea Rodrigues
          c_Bea Rodrigues_HP
          © Bea Rodrigues


          2019 November 12 13 14 15 | 20.00

          EN + ES + DE

          Fan de Ellas is a choreographic homage to the lives of (un)visible Latinx heroines*. A world that combines movement, words and sounds with historical facts and media (mis)representations. The performance breaks up the archive and weaves Latinx voices into emotional landscapes. An invitation to question one's own fascination, to celebrate female* power and to claim the body as a political tool. With a lot of humor, bolero and cumbia rhythms they negotiate stereotypes in their choreography and celebrate the female body empoweringly.

          CATALINA FERNÁNDEZ, JULIANA PIQUERO and ALEX VITERI come together as friends and elected family. The three of them were born in the latin american south, are queer-feminist immigrants and enjoy working in collaboration. They develop transdisciplinary artistic projects that intertwine choreography, politics, sound-lighting design and theater. 

          CONCEPT Juliana Piquero CHOREOGRAPHY Juliana Piquero, Alex Viteri PERFORMANCE Catalina Fernández, Juliana Piquero, Alex Viteri LIGHT, SOUNDDESIGN Catalina Fernández DRAMATURGY Ana Laura Lozza COSTUME, STAGE ASSISTANT Michaela Muchini OUTSIDE EYE Roni Katz PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT M.i.C.A - Movement in Contemporary Art

          A production by Fernández/Piquero/Viteri. Supported by the Intercultural Project Funding of the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe. With the support of the Madrid City Council and DT Espacio Escénico. Media partner: taz. die tageszeitung