Tanztage Berlin 2021

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JANUARY 07 to ∞

Due to the current pandemic situation, the 30th edition of the Tanztage Berlin will start as an online program from January 7 to 16. All planned live performances will then be made up for in spring 2021.
The film showdown AV by choreographer Judith Förster and filmmaker Stella Horta will kick off the festival on January 7. Clay AD will present the first digital premiere of the festival on January 15 with the performance Indication of Spring at the End of Time. We also invite you to an online Zukunftswerkstatt – a series of discussions about work culture and mental health, organized in cooperation with the ZTB (Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin) association. Pedro Marum will also curate an online format focusing on new artistic practices of care in club culture. In addition to this, the festival presents the first three episodes of its podcast, which was prepared in collaboration with the queer-feminist rave collective LECKEN.


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          Kareth Schaffer Question of Belief

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            Foto © Mayra Wallraff
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          In English

          „We counted all our demons, saw there was one for every day.”

          In her new work, choreographer Kareth Schaffer devotes herself to the demons of today's world: between actionism and laziness, distraction and apathy, the performers Madalina Dan and Manon Parent fight their way through the stage landscape. Inspired by the way of life of early Christian monks, the so-called "desert fathers", the dancers submit to rhythms of community, ritual and work. But contemporary demons such as boredom, distraction and apathy are at work on stage. While the performers literally struggle with the relationship between belief and action, they find choreographic answers to timeless questions of philosophy!

          KARETH SCHAFFER is a choreographer and performer: in her "post-postmodern" dance pieces she has so far examined prophecies, mud wrestling, thrillers, synchronised swimming, foley, emoticons and conversation formats, among others. Her most recent works include a diptych about the tragic heroine Kassandra (Cassandra Has Turned 1 + 2, 2018), a fan fiction piece about Angela Merkel (Merkel Dances, 2019) and a comprehensive investigation of foley, the dubbing of sounds in film, as a choreographic tool (Unheard Of, 2016). Schaffer is a Pina Bausch Scholar and was nominated by the Jahrbuch Tanz for the "Dancer of the Year 2018" award.

          CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT, CHOREOGRAPHY Kareth Schaffer PERFORMANCE Madalina Dan, Manon Parent LIGHT DESIGN Joseph Wegmann STAGE DESIGN Dan Lancea COSTUME DESIGN Lauren Steel SOUND DESIGN, COMPOSITION Jean P'ark PRESS AND PUBLIC RELATIONS Michael Ludwig Tsouloukidse PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT M.i.C.A. - Movement in Contemporary Art

          A production by Kareth Schaffer, funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds and with support of Tanzfabrik Berlin, EDEN Studios, and Uferstudios Berlin. Media partner: taz. die tageszeitung