Interrobang Livestream: Familiodrom
December 08 09 | 19.30
December 12 13 | 16.00
Online | 10/7 EURO

In Familiodrom, Interrobang gives birth to a child together with the online audience. Immediately the freshly baked parents' collective is stuck in the ideological swamp of cloth diapers, ready-to-eat porridge, sleep training, shame and guilt.

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Company Christoph Winkler It's All Forgotten Now
christoph-winkler_c_gabriella-fiore_presse 1
December 11-18 Dance/film
Online | Ab 11. Dezember hier zu sehen

Dance meets music, film, video and spoken word: The performative homage to Mark Fisher can be seen here as an online adaptation in English with German audio description from December 11-18.

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Saša Asentić & Collaborators and Bojana Cvejić Running Commentary on Dis_Sylphide
December 20 | 11.00 Zoom-webinar
Online | Eintritt frei

Running Commentary on Dis_Sylphide will take place on Zoom WebinarThe video of Dis_Sylphide performance will be live-streamed, and presented with audiodescription. Different "interpreters" with and without disabilities will deliver their running commentaries live on separate audio channels. 

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Tanztage Berlin 2021


JANUAR 07 bis ∞

Since hard times require furious dancing, the 30th edition of Tanztage Berlin under the new curation of Mateusz Szymanówka investigates dance’s anti-authoritarian tradition. From January 7th onwards, in the dystopian “now” after the afterparty, the festival presents twelve performances by emerging choreographers which examine the body in revolt - in its fragility, mortality and ability to transform itself and the others.

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          matthaei & konsorten Die Sumpfgeborene

          • die sumpfgeborene_c_hannah-schaich_HP 1
            Foto © Hannah Schaich
          • 200916Recyclinghof_001_HP 1
            Foto © Merlin Nadj-Torma
          • 200916Recyclinghof_083_HP 2
            Foto © Merlin Nadj-Torma
          • 200920Rieselfelder_109_HP 5
            Foto © Merlin Nadj-Torma
          • 200917Nikolaikirche_102_HP 3
            Foto © Merlin Nadj-Torma



          In German


          Unfortunately the shows are cancelled. It is planed to make up for them in spring 2021. All purchased tickets will be automatically refunded.

          Berlin, born from a swamp and named after it, slowly began to become what it is today in the 17th century. Against the opulent backdrop of the current cityscape, matthaei & konsorten plough the motifs of this long-gone era - the desire for splendor and abundance, the admiration of technology and scenery and the need for symmetry and deception. Four protagonists translate boggy aspects of the baroque into our present. An old body in Bach cantatas, for example, speaks to the approaching death, the baroque "Falte" recalls Berlin's depravity and pornographic films of the 00s, and the colonial history of Brandenburg is brought into focus. Based on baroque festive culture and Tafelmusik, the evening is accompanied musically by a special "Berlin Suite", for which electronic basso continuo and speech sampling are combined with analogue baroque instruments.

          Under the label MATTHAEI & KONSORTEN the director Jörg Lukas Matthaei works together with artists from different disciplines. Since 2000, almost 50 works of various orientations have been created: From productions for the stage, installations and discourse productions to the development of new formats for urban landscapes, which have been a focus of the work for several years. Stagings by matthaei & konsorten can be encountered in all places that also occur in the lives of their actors or visitors. Recent works include COOP3000 eine neosolidarische concerngründung (Urban Arts Ruhr), BAILE BASSENA (Vienna Festival), URBAN MAGIC (Bangalore) and with the Sophiensæle most recently Im Apparat der Kriege (2014 Sophiensæle + radio version for rbb and others) and Verschwörung der Idioten. Between 2015 and 2016 they regularly presented the Idiotensalon at the Sophiensæle.

          BY AND WITH Klaus Janek, Milena Kipfmüller, Jörg Lukas Matthaei, Adrian Navarro, André Nittel, Bati Nehoya, Volker Sobottke, Anne Welenc ConCept, DIRECTION Jörg Lukas Matthaei DramaturgY Milena Kipfmüller MUSICAL DIRECTOR, COMPOSITIOn Klaus Janek DECOR, COSTUME Michael Graessner PRODUCTION Sarah Stührenberg MISe-EN-SCENE ASSISTANT Sofie Neu DECOR ASSISTANT Lotti Maurer TechniC Chris Umney DoCumentation Florian Krauss PHotograPHY Merlin Nadj-Torma

          A production by matthaei & konsorten in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE and Theater Thikwa. Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Fonds Darstellende Künste from funds of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media. Media partner: taz.die tageszeitung