Sheena McGrandles
Figured + Flush

Figured | © Martin Rottenkolber

FEBRUARY 20 | 19.00 PM | Premiere

In Figured and Flush, Sheena McGrandles explores radical temporality. With great attention to detail, Figured exposes the absurdity and artificiality of everyday gestures. Flush, following Gertrude Stein, breaks down linear and traditional forms of storytelling-perhaps even evoking a new lesbian temporality and aesthetic.

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          Melanie Jame Wolf TONIGHT

          • tonight
            © Ashton Green


          5 Euro Tickets

          Available as Video on Demand until February 24.

          In English

          The film is streamed on the external platform dringeblieben.de. There you also purchase your ticket. After the purchase you will receive a code via e-mail which is valid on two devices for the whole two weeks the stream is online. Please note that you can buy your ticket in the presale, but the video will be only online and streamable from the 10th of February, 19.00 PM, until the 24th of February. The ticketshop will be open all the time until the 24th of February. If you have problems with the procedure please contact chittka@sophiensaele.com or 030/27890045.

          This revival of TONIGHT takes place online. Because time has a very different quality on screen than on stage, and because the logic of video is different to the logic of theater, Melanie Jame Wolf has reimagined this version of TONIGHT as a film. In this sense, it is a second edition of the work. Offering a fresh take to both those who are familiar with TONIGHT, and those new to the work and the artist. As an interdisciplinary artist interested in choreography and the moving image, this new version of TONIGHT continues Wolf's project of experimenting with the relationship between dance and the screen beyond existing ideas of documentation and the conventions of the “dance film”.

          From The Stooges to Rihanna, TONIGHT is one of the most frequently used words in pop music, and probably the most powerful: It opens up a sense that tonight, for real, something momentous might occur. Melanie Jame Wolf critically explores the potency of this popularly shared poetic and its commercial exploitation: Joined by Sheena McGrandles and Rodrigo Garcia Alves, she delivers , “a study of how the pop industry transforms people, their souls and bodies, into clones and serial products.” (nachtkritik.de) An aesthetically dense evening that explores the pleasures and perils of the erotics, the poetics, and the politics of a shared pop imaginary.

          For questions or information about accessibility, please contact Gina Jeske at jeske@sophiensaele.com or 030 27 89 00 35.

          Melanie Jame Wolf makes performances, films, and installations about performance economies and immaterial capital. Sometimes solo, sometimes with friends. Always exploring systems of value and exchange, particularly as they occur in the murky field of immaterial capital – the social, the cultural, the affective. She investigates these flows as they are produced through ideas of ghosts, of gender, of pop, of myth, of morality, of sensuality, of class. Melanie Jame has shown her work in gallery, theatre, and film festival contexts around the world. She premiered her two last major performance works HIGHNESS and TONIGHT at Sophiensaele. savage-amusement.com

          CONCEPT, TEXT, VIDEO, DIRECTION Melanie Jame Wolf PERFORMED BY Melanie Jame Wolf, Sheena McGrandles, Rodrigo Garcia Alves SOUND DESIGN Mieko Suzuki LIGHT DESIGN Ariel Efraim Ashbel COSTUME DESIGN Josa Marx STAGE DESIGN Jonas Maria Droste OUTSIDE EYE Sharon Smith ASSISTANT Evan Loxton

          A production by Melanie Jame Wolf in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE. Funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds. With support by the Australia Council for the Arts, Cité Internationales des Arts, The Substation - Melbourne, and MAKE artist development programme and residency - Theatre Forum Ireland. The revival is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. Media partner: taz.die tageszeitung