James Batchelor + Collaborators
An Evening-length Performance
August 12 13 14 15 | 19.00
Festsaal |

With An Evening-­length Performance, Australian choreographer James Batchelor reimagines the baroque ballroom as a place for queer encounters and expression.

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Colette Sadler + Mikko Gaestel
August 13 | 16.00
August 13 | 17.30
August 13 | 19.00
August 13 | 20.30

In this im­mersive solo performance installation, choreographer Colette Sadler and visual artist Mikko Gaestel thematise the future of the human in relation to technology inside the virtual architecture of a 3D environment.

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Turbo Pascal
Irgendwie Mitte
TurboPascal_Grafik_Janina Janke_HP
August 18 19 20 21 | 21.30
10/15/25/50 €

Many people classify themselves as belonging to society's "Mitte". But where exactly is that - somewhere between top and bottom, rich and poor? As part of a four-part live reality series, Turbo Pascal go in search of the diffuse categories and relationships that make up the so-called "Mitte". To do this, the collective looks around its own circle of family, friends and acquaintances.

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Thiago Granato
The Sound They Make When No One Listens
August 19 20 21 22 | 19.00
Festsaal |

In times of an ecological, political and personal crisis, Brazilian choreographer Thiago Granato explores the act of listening.

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Melanie Jame Wolf mit Teresa Vittucci
Show Business_c_Flavio Karrer_HP
August 30 31 | 20.00
September 01 02 | 20.00
Festsaal | 15/10 €

There’s no business like show business. In their first performance evening together, Melanie Jame Wolf and Teresa Vittucci explore the problems and pleasures of: What does it take to make a show great?

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Making A Difference
Owning spaces - Conversations and actions from bed
Konferenz save the date
September 01-05

ConferenCE ON Zoom
September 01-05

As disabled artist-curators Kate Marsh and Noa Winter invite to conversations, practice, safer spaces and public sharings.

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Tanzscout Show Business
September 01 | 19.00

The Tanzscout Tune-In offers a playful and creative engagement with the subject of the performance Show Business.

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September 04 05 | 17.00 - 22.00
Eintritt frei

The installation negotiates issues of class, gender and migration. In a subtle way it plays with conventions of fashion shows and refers to a current phenomenon in which so-called "workwear" finds its way into high fashion contexts. What's classy if you're rich, but trashy if you're poor?

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Julia*n Meding
Julia_n Meding_c_Teta Marie Carangi und Julia_n Meding_HP
September 04-08 | 20.00
Hochzeitssaal | 15/10€

In her new work Traumascape, Julia*n Meding investigates the connections between rationality and violence in the history of European knowledge.

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Coming of Age
Coming of Age_Festival_HP
© Jan Grygoriew

Age is just a number – yet there is no getting around aging. In the midst of debates about the climate movement, identity politics, and body image, it is time to renegotiate long-established generational contracts. Not only has the recent pandemic history shown that questions of responsibility and solidarity need to be revisited. 
The performance festival COMING OF AGE, which will take place from September 15 to November 7 at Sophiensæle, is dedicated to various facets of aging in society - and looks at the different challenges of a phenomenon that affects us all.

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Saša Asentić & Collaborators Dis_Lecture #1

  • Dis_Lecture_Natalija Vladisavljević_c_Anja Beutler
    Natalija Vladisavljević (Foto: Anja Beutler)
  • Dis_Lecture_Maja Kowalczyk_c_Wojtek Radwański
    Maja Kowalczyk (Foto: Wojtek Radwański)
  • Dis_Lecture_Aleksandra Skotarek_c_Aleksandra Skotarek
    Aleksandra Skotarek (Foto: Aleksandra Skotarek)

Registration HERE
Required: Latest version of Zoom software - instructions on Zoom and how to participate in audio description HERE.
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DIS_Lecture is a series of lecture performances by artists with learning disabilities from Novi Sad, Warsaw, and Hamburg. In the frame of zoom webinars, Dalibor Šandor, Natalija Vladisavljević, Dennis Seidel, Maja Kowalczyk and Aleksandra Skotarek will share their artistic practices which they develop in the field of contemporary performing arts. These artists are invited to appropriate the format of the lecture performance and challenge its ableism.
They will reflect on dance, disability, text and body politics, as well as on the states of exclusion, isolation and resistance. Together with their long-term collaborators, they enter a sector from which they are historically excluded: the field of theory and discourse on dance and performance.

DIS_Lecture is created by Saša Asentić as an accessible format that contributes to the critical culture and solidarity in dance. Its aim is to create conditions for disability dance and performance artists to come together and share their work in public.

DIS_LECTURE on Work in pitch dark
by Natalija Vladisavljević

In Serbian with simultaneous translation into German and English spoken language as well as German sign language, with English subtitles
Duration: ca. 35 minutes

Natalija Vladisavljević works with different ways of creative text editing and writing. She reads, underlines, cuts out, transcribes, rewrites, copies, draws, composes. Invited to speak about herself as an artist she immediately redirects the question: Who knows her best? To those she assigned the role of talking together with her about her in public. The result is a choreography of text, movement and sound in pitch-dark based on her score and performed by her dear friends and collaborators: Olivera Kovačević Crnjanski, Milena Minja Bogavac, Frosina Dimovska, Dunja Crnjanski, Alexandre Achour and Saša Asentić.

There is contemporary dance without music, and there is contemporary dance without dance.
Natalija Vladisavljević in Dance in the 21st Century

Natalija Vladisavljević is a choreographer, writer and performer. Natalija has published two books of poems, short stories and short plays. She writes about contemporary dance, conducts choreographic workshops, devises textual and graphical scores for choreography. Since 1999 she has been member of Per.Art and is working with the group on her new performance Dance in the 21st Century. She would sit at a round table. She is happy.

DIS_LECTURE on Body-to-Body with Marilyn
by Maja Kowalczyk and Aleksandra Skotarek

In Polish with simultaneous translation into German and English spoken language and German sign language, with German and English subtitles
Duration: ca. 60 minutes

A woman, a goddess of wisdom and beauty
a woman butterfly
a woman who moves the world of Downs with her ways
A woman looks at the sky slightly
I see a star and the moon
I see my world
Woman Marilyn Monroe

In their artistic work, Maja Kowalczyk and Aleksandra Skotarek from Teatr 21 examine the gaze: how is the disabled body perceived in public and society? How does it determine the life possibilities of people with cognitive disabilities? Kowalczyk and Skotarek explore the boundaries between rigid binaries such as normal/anormal, human/non-human, male/female. They use manifestos and theatrical means to tackle taboos around disability. One of them is loneliness caused by isolation. In the lecture performance Body-to-Body with Marilyn the poetics of the Butterfly Woman unfolds. Viewers become confidants of this moving testimony.

Maja Kowalczyk is a dancer and actress and has been working with Teatr 21 for 15 years. She plays the saxophone, loves poetry, visual arts and music. Aleksandra Skotarek is an actress and has been working with Teatr 21 for 15 years. She is very emotional and sensitive. She likes to read psychological and biographical books, her favorite biography is the one about Michael Jackson. For the project Body-to-Body with Marilyn, Justyna Wielgus and Justyna Lipko-Konieczna took on the role as confidants of an intimate conversation.

The event takes place as a webinar via the Zoom video conferencing platform. Please update your Zoom version to the latest update before attending. You can download our manual on how to participate here. Please note the above mentioned details on language, translation and subtitles. There will be a brief technical introduction at the beginning of the event. The evening is divided into two parts: The first Lecture Performance lasts about 35 minutes, the second one about 60 minutes. There will be a 10-minute break in between. After each performance there is the possibility to leave written feedback and comments in the chat. To register, please click here. If you have any questions or need information about accessibility, please contact Gina Jeske at or +49 30 27 89 00 35.

Saša Asentić is a choreographer and cultural worker. He is interested in exploring the relationship between the individual and society and analyzing it in terms of social choreography. He works in the field of contemporary dance, performance and disability arts.

DIS_LECTURE Artists Maja Kowalczyk + Aleksandra Skotarek, Natalija Vladisavljević Artistic Collaboration Alexandre Achour, Saša Asentić, Milena Minja Bogavac, Dunja Crnjanski, Olivera Kovačević Crnjanski, Frosina Dimovska, Justyna Lipko-Konieczna, Justyna Wielgus simultaneous translation Nebojša Pajić, Alida Spilkucić simultaneous translation INto german sign language Mandy Wyrostek, Anna Maria Meyer concept, artistic direction Saša Asentić Production management Hannah Marquardt

DIS_Lecture is presented within the project DIS_is not included in partnership with SOPHIENSÆLE and funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. DIS_Lecture is also part of Saša Asentić’s Tanzpraxis 2020/2021 fellowship funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. Media partner: taz. die tageszeitung