Vanessa Stern Sleeping Duties

SleepingDuties_c_Dorothea Tuch_HP
April 20 | 18.00
April 21-30
May 01 02 03 04
Online | Solidarische Preisstufen 5/10/15/20/25 Euro Tickets

Railroadmovie meets Kammerspiel: The theater film by Vanessa Stern can be seen again on

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Lea Sherin Kübler + Soraya Reichl & Ensemble Remember Now!
May 07 08 09 | 14.00
May 07 08 09 | 17.00
Start im Hof der Sophiensaele | Tickets 5€

Who do we want to remember and in what ways can we do so? Remember Now! invites you to a performative and interactive audio walk in Berlin's urban space and takes a critical look at Berlin's places of remembrance. In dynamic scene collages, the audience experiences history(s) from a perspective of resistance.

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          Sheena McGrandles Figured + Flush

          • figured
            Figured | © Martin Rottenkolber
          • figured
            Figured | © Martin Rottenkolber
          • figured
            Figured | © Martin Rottenkolber
          • flush
            Flush | © Michiel Keuper
          • flush
            Flush | © Michiel Keuper
          • flush
            Flush | © Michiel Keuper


          5 Euro Tickets

          Available as Video on Demand until March 06.

          Few/No language

          Figured and Flush are companion works by choreographer Sheena McGrandles that are part of an ongoing series on radical temporalities and illogical intimacies. Since the performances cannot be brought to the stage due to the pandemic, both works are reworked as dance for screen. The film is streamed on the external platform There you also purchase your ticket. After the purchase you will receive a code via e-mail which is valid on two devices for the whole two weeks the stream is online. Please note that you can buy your ticket in the presale, but the video will be only online and streamable from the 20th of February, 19.00 PM, until the 6th of March. The ticketshop will be open all the time until the 6th of March. If you have problems with the procedure please contact or 030/27890045.

          Forward, backward, cut, all back, repeat: two figures move in front of a wall. Their bodies and their relationship to each other are constantly interrupted and so are the narratives that unfold and disappear again. Concentrating on a complex composition and a detailed execution of movement, choreographer Sheena McGrandles uncovers the absurdity and artificiality of the everyday gesture. With a soundtrack created from various field recordings ranging from refrigerator to demo, Figured sticks persistently to the detail and insists on putting his - and our - attention to it, over and over again.

          Isn‘t it a nice place here? Looks gorgeous. Nestled between thorn bushes and dark cut out trees. They sink slowly into the surface of the earth. They soon realise it was a trap and blame their big eyes for misreading the situation…

          Following Gertrude Stein's concept of the Landscape Play, choreographer Sheena McGrandles breaks down linear and traditional forms of narration to create FLUSH, a study on radical temporaries and illogical intimacies – which may even evoke a new lesbian timing and aesthetic. The highly technical and stylized choreography moves through formal ordering principles of juxtaposition, simultaneity, multiplicity, and repetition, exploring a new approach to traditional representations of time.

          For questions or information about accessibility, please contact Gina Jeske at or 030 27 89 00 35.

          Sheena McGrandles is a dancer and choreographer living in Berlin. She works in different contexts such as theatre/stage, education and independent art and culture projects. Her current group of works explores radical temporality as a means of detailed exploration and exaggeration of movement. Her works create hyper-real, multi-narrative and humorous moving landscapes. Sheena presents her works nationally and internationally, including London (The Place), Amsterdam (something raw), Berlin (Sophiensæle), Mexico City (Museo Universitario Del Chopo), Los Angeles (PSSST). With Figured, Sheena McGrandles was invited to the Tanzplattform 2020.

          FIGURED: CONCEPT, director Sheena McGrandles PERFORMANCE Sheena McGrandles, Annegret Schalke SOUND Stellan Veloce LIGHT DESIGN Annegret Schalke STAGE DESIGN Sheena McGrandles OUTSIDE EYE Zinzi Buchanan FILM CO-DIRECTION AND EDIT Melanie Jame Wolf FILM CAMERA TINT Film Collective (Mireia Guzmán Sanjaume, Svea Immel, Katharina Voß)

          FLUSH: CONCEPT, DIRECTOR Sheena McGrandles PERFORMANCE Sheena McGrandles, Annegret Schalke, Ewa Dziarnowska SOUND Stellan Veloce LIGHTING DESIGN Elliott Cennetoglu LIGHTS Sanja Gergoric DRAMATURGY Thomas Schaupp, Mila Pavicevic STAGE, COSTUMES Michiel Keuper, Martin Sieweke TEXT Sheena McGrandles, Mila Pavicevic FILM CO-DIRECTION AND EDIT Melanie Jame Wolf FILM CAMERA TINT Film Collective (Mireia Guzmán Sanjaume, Svea Immel, Katharina Voß) PRODUCTION ehrliche arbeit – freelance office for culture

          Figured is a production by Sheena McGrandles. Funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, supported by Agora MOVE Berlin. Flush is a production by Sheena McGrandles and ehrliche arbeit – freelance office for culture in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE. Funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Siobhan Davies Dance London and the Goethe-Institut London.

          Both films were made possible by funding from the City of Berlin – Department for Culture and Europe. Media partner: taz. die tageszeitung