Sophiensæle 23/24


The programme 23/24 of Sophiensæle starts on 07.12.2023

On 7.12.2023, after urgently needed renovation work, the 2023/2024 season will begin at the Sophiensaele under the new artistic direction of Andrea Niederbuchner and Jens Hillje. We will publish the programme for the opening and the season on 26.10.2023, which is also the day when the pre-sale begins.

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Every new year, the Tanztage Berlin is not only the city's very first festival, it has also established itself nationally and internationally as an important platform for emerging dance artists since its founding in 1996. The next edition of Tanztage Berlin will once again take place under the artistic direction of Mateusz Szymanówka. The festival is currently planned for 5-20 January 2024. The festival offers emerging dance artists based in Berlin a framework for their new productions and revivals. The programme of the last two editions can be found at:

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Leisure & Pleasure Tamara Alegre, Lydia Ö. Diakité, Marie Ursin, Elie Autin, Nunu Flashdem, Marga Alfeirão FIEBRE

  • 1.FIEBRE 2018. Tamara Alegre, Lydia Östberg Diakité, Marie Ursin, Nunu Flashdem. Les Urbaines festival, Lausanne ©Nelly Rodriguez_2
    © Nelly Rodriguez
  • 2.FIEBRE 2021. Tamara Alegre, Lydia Östberg Diakité, Marie Ursin, Nunu Flashdem. MUMOK, Impulstanz Festival, Viena ©Klara Utke_4 (2)
    © Klara Utke
May 25 26 | 21.30

German premierE

No/Little language

FIEBRE explores a sensual, sticky material in a fictional landscape. FIEBRE arises from the desire to create an intimate, inceptive space in which three dancers gradually explore the possibilities of this viscous, sentimental apparatus. They glide through physical states, erotic togetherness, sexuality, sincerity and rawness. And thus, imagine other ways of being together. Eroticism becomes a source of empowerment where desire, disgust and alienation freely coexist and feed each other. FIEBRE is built on cooperation and care within the group: it reshapes hierarchies and aims to shake up the structural ways in which individual authors are celebrated.

The piece won the Young Choreographers’ Award at Impulstanz festival in 2021.

If any questions remain from the following information, please feel free to contact Hannah Aldinger at or 030 27 89 00 35. Please note that details may change by the day of the event. Therefore, if you find out after you have purchased your ticket that the performance is no longer accessible to you, you can contact us for a ticket return at or 030 27 89 00 45 until 5 business days after the event (Monday through Friday between 10am and 6pm).


  • 50-55 minutes


  • without language


  • The stage floor is covered by a large amount of slime through which the performers move.


  • The lighting situation plays with different colours.


  • It gets loud.
  • Through the bass of the music, vibration can be felt physically.

Other effects

  • It's hot in the room (about 28 degrees). If it gets too hot for you, you can leave the room and come back at any time during the performance.


  • Two seated grandstands face each other from two sides of the room.
  • There are seat cushions on the floor in the first two rows in front of each grandstand.
  • 2 beanbag seats are bookable according to availability.
  • 2 wheelchair seats are bookable according to availability.
  • You might get splashed by the slime if you sit close to the stage. The slime is removable and usually does not stain your cloths.

Early boarding
If, for artistic reasons, the door to the auditorium does not open until very shortly before the performance begins, there is the option of early boarding.


  • Reservations can be made via the ticket telephone at 030 283 52 66, Monday to Friday from 4pm-6pm
  • Via the online ticket shop
  • At the box office

You can also find more information about accessibility here.

  • It is hot in the room (about 28 degrees). If you get too hot, you can cautiously leave the room and come back at any time during the performance.
  • A large amount of slime is used in the performance. If you sit near the stage, you may come into contact with the slime. The slime is removable and usually does not stain your clothes.

Tamara Alegre works with dance and choreography. Born in Gran Canaria, she/they studied European Business and Psychology and worked as an underground music curator, dj and tour manager until 2016. In 2018, she obtained an MA in Choreography at DOCH, Stockholm and premiered FIEBRE, co-signed since 2019, with Lydia Ö Diakité, Marie Ursin, Nunu Flashdem and Célia Lutangu. The work has been presented in several venues in Europe and won the Young Choreographer's Award in 2021. Their research revolves around sensual embodiments, fictions on sexuality/sexual organs and liminal physical states as choreographic tools. Her works are embodied and charged with resistance, intensity and the pleasure of dancing together.

Nunu Flashdem is a dancer and plus-size model based in London since 2021. Flashdem has a background in various circus disciplines and currently works as a professional Dancehall and Twerk dancer and teacher. She performs at different events and concerts, amongst other Kranium, Charly Black and Cali P, and shoots music videos with other artists around Europe. Recently Flashdem was in videos with Palms, Wrstrn, Avelino, Not3s and Yungen, and modeled for Named Collective. In 2018, she created Flashdem Entertainment.

MARGA ALFEIRÃO uses media to create safe spaces for exploring intimacy and sexuality through dance and performance. Heavily influenced by dance genres and sonic textures from the African diaspora, diffused through the social fabric of Lisbon, Marga seeks active assertions of femininity by creating space for lesbian sensualities. In 2022, she premiered Wet Eyez, a piece about emotional bodies and fantasy, with Camila Malenchini. In 2023, their duet Lounge premiered at Tanztage Berlin.

Elie Autin is a model, dancer, and artist. Autin studied contemporary dance at the Manufacture HES-SO in Lausanne. Directly after obtaining her diploma, Autin worked on various artistic creations and productions within theatre, dance and performance as a performer, but also as creator and co-creator. Autin has worked with Tamara Alegre, Marvin M’Toumo, Natasza Gerlach, Caner Teker, Juliette Uzor, Nagi Gianni, Alexandre Doublet among others. Recently she exhibited her first sculpture installation at a group exhibition at La Rada in Locarno, Switzerland and is now starting to develop artistic work in new directions.

Marie Ursin works with dance, choreography, curation and organizing, always based on collaborative processes and hybrid formats. She studied dance and performance at Stockholm University of the Arts (DOCH). Since 2013 she has been the artistic director of the annual experimental residency project Scene:Bluss in collaboration with Alexandra Tveit. Ursin has worked with Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir, Mette Ingvartsen, Runa Borch Skolseg, Nikhil Vettukattil, Marie Nikazm Bakken, Fredrik Floen and Nikima Jagudajev among others. She is also part of the interdisciplinary, discursive collective Carrie who are currently associated artists at Black Box Theater in Oslo.

Springback magazine, 27.09.2021

"How FIEBRE manages to talk about female solidarity, body positivity, sexualisation and many other burning issues in such a bizarre setting is quite a mystery."

Concept Tamara Alegre Choreography Lydia Ö. Diakité, Marie Ursin, Tamara Alegre Dancers Nunu Flashdem, Elie Autin, Marga Alfeirāo Scenography, Stage Assistant Célia Lutangu, Sel Dir Melaizi, Dylan Huido Costumes Giulia Essyad Music Haj300 – Katja Lindeberg Outside Eyes Karina Sarkissova, Giulia Essyad Special Thanks To Klara Utke Acs, Benedicte Eggesbø, Ali Abdelkhalek

A production by FUEGO CONTIGO and Dylan Huido. Funded by the Ernst Göhner Foundation, the Fluxum Foundation, the Nestlé Art Foundation, SIS and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. With the support of Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique contemporain Lausanne, and DOCH, School of Dance and Circus, Stockholm. The guest performance within the framework of Leisure & Pleasure is supported by the Capital Cultural Fund and realized with the kind support by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. Media partners: Arts of the Working Class, Berlin Art Link, Kulturplakatierung, Missy Magazine, Rausgegangen, tip Berlin, taz.die tageszeitung.