Hauen und Stechen_Salome_c_Thilo Moessner_HP
January 27 28 29 | 20.00
January 30 | 18.00
music theatre
Festsaal | 15/10 Euro

The Berlin music theatre group Hauen und Stechen presents its version of the opera Salomé. The production, based on an opera by Richard Strauss and a text by Oscar Wilde, alternates between music and dance. It is a film, a journey, a fair and a dance of death all in one.

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Athina Lange + Pawel Aderhold
whatremainsofme_c_DorotheaTuch 02_HP
January 31 | 19.00
February 01 | 19.00
Hochzeitssaal | 15/10 €

The way we perceive our reality is shaped by the language of our senses. But what happens when this fine interplay is disturbed? A search for traces of perception and experience.

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Hendrik Quast
Spill your guts
Pressefoto 26.11.21_21_SpillYourGuts_Plakat_2E01-01
February 03 04 05 | 19.30
February 06 | 17.00
Festsaal | 15/10 €

For his latest project, Hendrik Quast learns the art of ventriloquism in order to approach the chronic inflammatory bowel disease ulcerative colitis artistically. In conversation with the disease, new ways of speaking and images of chronic illness emerge, opening up unusual spaces of humor for the ill and healthy audience.

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Nima Séne
auf den weg zu mir / auf den weg zu dir
Nima Séne_c_Mayra Wallraff_ HP_quer
February 12 13 14 15 | 21.00
Hochzeitssaal | 15/10 €

In auf den weg zu mir / auf den weg zu dir, Nima Séne traces the history and lyrical legacy of the poet and activist May Ayim.

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Olivia Hyunsin Kim / Ddanddarakim
History has failed us, but…
History has failed us but_Foto_Mayra Wallraff_0
February 13 14 15 16 | 19.00
Festsaal | 15/10 €

History has failed us, but... deals with physical forms of protest and searches for a solidary togetherness while taking into account different bodies. Which narratives and images of resistance are remembered - and how are they told?

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Ania Nowak
Golden Gate
February 24 25 26 | 20.00
February 27 | 16.00
Festsaal | 15/10 €

For a long time now, collective mourning and its rituals have been disappearing from public space. Golden Gate questions our normative perceptions of loss and mourning. What is queer grief and in what way can it become a collective movement of melancholy and resistance? 

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Tanztage Berlin 2022
Tanztage HP mit Text schwarz
© Jan Grygoriew


In tandem with emerging dance artists connected to our city, Tanztage Berlin 2022 continues to examine what keeps us together and tears us apart. After 2021 the festival took place exclusively online, its 31st edition returns as an extended offline and online program. Alongside the last year’s selection of performances, it includes new creations and discourse formats on power, protest, and empowerment. The work presented during Tanztage Berlin 2022 critically navigates the present by reimagining past and future encounters on the dance floor. While dealing with acute problems like power relations, surveillance, disembodiment, or climate change, it tunes into the social body, creating much-needed moments of awareness, connectedness, and self-determination. Unlike the 21st-century billionaire strategy of abandoning earth in a rocket ship or escaping into a parallel virtual universe, the festival chooses instead to stay with the trouble: to celebrate dancing together through the crisis and against despair.

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100° Berlin 2013 Vier-Tage-Marathon-Festival des Freien Theaters

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  • company-urbanreflects_unrestricted-exploitation_marc-doradzillo_bild-1
  • minako-seki-company_human-form-1_gonzalo-catalinas
  • simonededeayivi_kriegderh--rnchen_henriketerheyden_hp
  • teaserettes_horrorshow_foto_cherrymuffin_hp
2013 February 21 | 19.00
2013 February 22 | 18.00
2013 February 23 24 | 16.00
Gesamtes Haus + HAU 1-3
Shows in english and german

The 10th anniversary of the marathon of the independent theatre scene!

This year 100⁰ Berlin is celebrating a brilliant anniversary. For four days straight, the Sophiensæle and HAU are opening their stages, rooms and niches for theatre and performances on the hour, every hour. In terms of content the sky is the limit: everything from avatar fights, to wedding catastrophies, from burlesque rabbits to zombie regimes - anything goes! On Saturday night the Sophiensaele will be pulling out all the stops and will host a magnificent 100 birthday party with a live burlesque show, midnight talks with former award winners, who will offer a commentary and rundown of the day’s events and many more surprises that await you! A young expert panel will select this year’s festival prize winners, who will then be celebrated and honored at the closing ceremonies on Sunday. The winners’ productions will be presented again at the Best of 100 in April 2013. Fight off those winter blues with a fabulous festival that is part market place, part discussion forum and part disco!

Day tickets are valid for all shows in both the Sophiensæle and HAU.  A shuttle service between both theatres will be provided.

PROGRAMMe Editing, PRODUcTION SOPHIENSÆLE Anne Herwanger Assistance Production Kerstin Car, Raffaela Schöbitz

An event by SOPHIENSÆLE and Hebbel am Ufer.


Alienated Alchimist Association © Mirko Thiele

urbanReflects © Marc Doradzillo

Minako Seki Company © Gonzalo Catalinas

Teaserettes © cherrymuffin

Simone Dede Ayivi © HenrikeTerheyden