Today | 20:00

Interrobang Livestream: Familiodrom

May 14 15 | 20.00 Performance on Zoom
Online | 10/5 €

In Familiodrom, Interrobang gives birth to a child together with the online audience. Immediately the freshly baked parents' collective is stuck in the ideological swamp of cloth diapers, ready-to-eat porridge, sleep training, shame and guilt.

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Tomorrow | 19:00


Tiran_press7_©Thyago Sainte_HP
May 15 | 19.00
May 16-29
Film Release + DJ Set

We would like to invite you to our second online showing, happening in the frame of the residency program NEW TECHNIQUES. T.Will and his collaborators will give insight into his research into the interrelation of race, gender and melancholia.

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Henrike Iglesias Livestream: Under Pressure
UnderPressure_©DorotheaTuch_7009_HP 5
May 19 | 19.30 Livestream
Online auf | Pay what you want

In an interactive game show, the performers of the collective Henrike Iglesias compete against each other. The audience decides via app who bears up best against the competition’s challenging performance categories.

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May 20 | 16.00
May 21-31
June 01 02 03
Online | 10/5 Euro

Gangstas, Pimps and Hoes: The US rap world is filled with hyper masculine images. Joana Tischkau draws on these events to expose the fragility of social constructs such as race and gender. We will show the performance as a film version.

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May 20 | 19.00 book presentation on zoom
Online | Eintritt frei

As part of the After Europe festival, curator Julian Warner invited participants to a symposium at Sophiensæle in the fall of 2019 to discuss central – and debatable – concepts and issues surrounding postcolonialism, decolonization, and identity politics. Now an edited version of the discussion has been published by Verbrecher Verlag.

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May 26 | 15.00
May 27 28 29 30
Online | Eintritt frei

As part of PAF Introducing ..., the online-installation negotiates issues of class, gender and migration. In a subtle way it plays with conventions of fashion shows and refers to a current phenomenon in which so-called "workwear" finds its way into high fashion contexts. What's classy if you're rich, but trashy if you're poor?

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May 28 | 20.00 Artist Talk
Online |

With the ARTIST TALK, there is an opportunity to further learn about the Working Class Daughters project and the topics of the work.

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hannsjana Die große M.I.N.T.-Show
c_Mayra Wallraff_HP5
May 29 30 | 18.00
May 31 | 19.00
June 01 | 19.00
Performance on Zoom
Online | Solidarische Preisstufen 5-25 Euro

Die große M.I.N.T.-Show goes online! As part of the Performing Arts Festival 2021, hannsjana reprogram a Zoom meeting into a late-night show in their usual humorous manner and confront the exclusion mechanisms of scientific disciplines.

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Tanztage Berlin 2021

© Jan Grygoriew

JANUARY 07 to ∞

Dear Audience, dear Friends of Tanztage Berlin,

due to the ongoing uncertain planning situation, after three attempts of postponing the festival since January 2021, we have to inform you with a heavy heart that the event won’t take place this year. The twelve performances we were supposed to present received an invitation to participate in its next edition in January 2022. The artists received their production/revival grants, cancellation fees, and rehearsal space and dramaturgical support throughout the season. The works are finished and ready to be presented live. On July 1st, we are going to publish an open call for Tanztage Berlin 2022. We would like to thank the artists and our audience for their patience and understanding. We were very happy about the interest in our online kickoff of the Tanztage in January – you can still find the podcasts of the online kickoff on our website


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12 February 2021
Open Call: Introducing...

Each year, the Berlin Performing Arts Festival presents works created within the city and the artistic positions of the independent performing arts community in a shared festival. With Introducing…, PAF, together with the four cooperating performance venues Sophiensæle, Ballhaus Ost, HAU Hebbel am Ufer and TD Berlin, provide a schedule of programming with a focus on artists who are newcomers to Berlin. The goal is to provide space for promising artists, artist groups and collectives and their first new productions for the community in which presentation, discussion and reflection are possible. This serves both as an “introduction” to Berlin’s independent performing arts community as well as to “introduce” Berlin to new positions.

The Newcomer’s Platform Introducing... searches for promising artists, artist groups and collectives whose work is based in Berlin or will be based in Berlin, who work professionally but who are not yet professionally established in Berlin’s independent performing arts community and who define themselves as “newcomers” in the broadest sense. They should already have made their first connections within Berlin’s independent performing arts community.

In order to allow the greatest possible planning security for all involved, we are only searching for productions for the 2021 edition of Introducing… that deal creatively with the conditions imposed upon us by the pandemic and which take the production of both the production’s personnel as well as the audience into consideration. Online performances and artistically independent videos are both welcome, regardless of whether they are user-friendly VR formats, interactive performative productions for an audience at home, digital/analog hybrids or audio formats. All formats are welcome, except for video recordings of analog performances.

Live streams or mixtures of live streams and preproduced materials within the scope of the spatial and technical possibilities of the cooperating performance venues Sophiensæle, Ballhaus Ost, HAU Hebbel am Ufer and TD Berlin are not ruled out, but their regular performance spaces will, unfortunately, not be available. We are already considering the possibilities to realize open-air events, public viewings outside or site-specific walks. Applications can also be made with productions that were originally realized as analog productions, but they should be accompanied by an artistically convincing and technically as well as financially sound concept for a transformation suitable for the conditions of the pandemic.

We expressly state that, within the scope of our (financial and technical) resources, we would like to support the transformation of work that already exists and that we cannot support the creation of a new production. In addition, we ask you to please consider for yourselves whether you find such a transformation of your production to artistically rewarding and which being experienced by an audience - or whether you would prefer to wait for the 2022 edition of PAF which will hopefully enjoy all of the freedoms to realize analog performances.


Registration for Introducing... takes place via an online form. Further information on participation can be found in the FAQs. The application deadline is March 4, 2021.


As we do not want to require any expert knowledge in the field of digital theater, we are happy to offer advice as part of our mission in supporting artistic newcomers. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about digital formats and/or platforms and their possibilities. Please send us an email at:

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