Tanztage Berlin 2021

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JANUARY 07 to ∞

Due to the current pandemic situation, the 30th edition of the Tanztage Berlin will start as an online program from January 7 to 16. All planned live performances will then be made up for in spring 2021.
The film showdown AV by choreographer Judith Förster and filmmaker Stella Horta will kick off the festival on January 7. Clay AD will present the first digital premiere of the festival on January 15 with the performance Indication of Spring at the End of Time. We also invite you to an online Zukunftswerkstatt – a series of discussions about work culture and mental health, organized in cooperation with the ZTB (Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin) association. Pedro Marum will also curate an online format focusing on new artistic practices of care in club culture. In addition to this, the festival presents the first three episodes of its podcast, which was prepared in collaboration with the queer-feminist rave collective LECKEN.


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21 May 2020
PAF @home: Introducing…

  • paf 2020
    Simon Zeller, Jakob Krog + Jay Fiskerstrand: Boys in Sync © Jan Husták
  • paf 2020
    Vöcks & Schwindt: On the first night we looked at maps... © Jana Kiesser
  • paf 2020
    BAMBI BAMBULE: Penthesilea – Love is To Die © Rainer Muranyi
  • paf 2020
    Gloria Höckner & Team: Futurecore 2000... © Jonas Fischer
  • paf 2020
    Tobias Malcharzik: Comeback © Dustin Weiß
  • paf 2020
    Pauline Jacob: Prächtiger Vogel Leierschwanz © Isabel Machado Rios

PAF @home: Introducing… presents: Instructions for Those at Home.

Between NO FUTURE and THE FUTURE IS NOW! - the newcomer’s platform Introducing… asks questions about the future and creates safe spaces for experimentation and exchange. With Simon Zeller, Jakob Krog + Jay Fiskerstrand, Wenzel U. Vöcks + Federico Schwindt, BAMBI BAMBULE, Gloria Höckner & Team, Tobias Malcharzik and Pauline Jacob.

This year’s selection travels through time and, in doing so, redefines the “now” in its political dimension with a glance toward the past and the future. In Instructions for Those at Home, fragments of the performances that were supposed to be presented in the festival will be shared as practical knowledge, open tools and do-it-yourself scenarios that can be applied at home by the audience members or interpreted anew. The instructions are intended to be understood as small acts of care. An attempt to create togetherness in times of physical distance.

Here you can find the very personal Instructions for Those at Home.

The documentation of the works that had been selected are also available during the festival in the Digital Showroom:

With On the first night we looked at maps – Los Alemanes del Volga, the artist duo Wenzel U. Vöcks and Federico Schwindt invite the audience to sit down with them for an intimate table performance where they trace queer heritage. In Penthesilea – Love is To Die, BAMBI BAMBULE presents new utopias for an gender equality as a theatrical jam session freely adapted from Kleist's tragedy. In Boys in Sync, Simon Zeller, Jakob Krog and Jay Fiskerstrand explore the synchronization of bodies as a research into fragile masculinity. With Futurecore 2000 – All Beats Are Beautiful, Gloria Höckner & Team present a choreographic, xenofeminist vision of the future set to hardcore techno. In Comeback, Tobias Tobias Malcharzik recalls a drag performance during his school days as the starting point of the archeology of queer childhood. In Prächtiger Vogel Leierschwanz, Pauline Jacob interweaves feminist positions with ornithology to create a song about male projections, hierarchies of attention and singing self-empowerment.

In 2020, Ballhaus Ost, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Sophiensæle and Theaterdiscounter, together with the Berlin Performing Arts Festival, selected six artistic positions for the newcomer’s platform Introducing…. This year the artists whose work was included in previous editions of Introducing… were brought in to provide feedback as outside eyes. Max Gadow from virtuellestheater (2016), Agata Siniarska (2017), Lulu Obermayer (2018) and Eva Kessler from FRAUEN UND FIKTION (2019) have been invited to meet with the artists from this year’s edition of Introducing… in a safe space to exchange on work methods and future perspectives.

The full programme and further information at:

The Performing Arts Festival Berlin is organized by LAFT - Landesverband freie darstellende Künste Berlin and is funded by the State of Berlin - Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

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