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Lange / Kress / Mazza / Stymest VIER A visual musical in sign language

vier_c_gerhard ludwig_HP2
© Gerhard Ludwig
vier_c_gerhard ludwig_HP8
© Gerhard Ludwig
vier_c_gerhard ludwig_HP7
© Gerhard Ludwig
vier_c_gerhard ludwig_HP6
© Gerhard Ludwig
vier_c_gerhard ludwig_HP4
© Gerhard Ludwig
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© Gerhard Ludwig
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© Gerhard Ludwig
vier_c_gerhard ludwig_HP1
© Gerhard Ludwig


May 15 16 | 20.00
15/10 EURO

In German sign language

Four deaf performers have joined forces to collectively work on their first piece: A musical! In poetic gestures the performers use the diversity of sign language to expand the boundaries of music. Accessibility for hearing viewers is achieved by a variety of means. This includes the poetic art form „visual vernacular” that is intuitively accessible via moving images. With beats and light effects, collectively and in solos, they create something completely new: “Deaf Theatre [...] finds a way ‘back to the basics’ or indeed establishes the ‘basics’ of the genre in a clear study.” (Deutsche Gehörlosenzeitung)

Steve Stymest, born in Nuremberg in 1991, is an art director, model, photographer and runway coach. He is founder and head photographer of Next Deaf Model. His native language is German Sign Language. He currently lives and works in Berlin.

JAN KRESS, born in Offenbach, was 14 when he first stood on stage as an actor. In 2014 he became well known for the performance bodieSLANGuage by TheProgressiv Wave. At the theatre festival Clin d'oeil, he was awarded the prize "Best International Actor" for the short film Jenseits von Worten by Oscar Lauterbach in 2015. He lives in Berlin since 2008.

RITA MAZZA, born and grown up in Turin, worked in Italy, London and Berlin as an actress and performer. She played the protagonist role of Sarah in God's Forgotten Children at the Theater Artisti Associati Company in Italy. Rita Mazza is also artistic director of the International Festival del Silenzio. She speaks Italian, German, French and International Sign Language. She lives in Berlin since 2010.

ATHINA LANGE, born in Plauen in 1991, completed her acting studies at the Schauspielschule Leipzig, which she graduated from in 2015 with a stage-status examination. During and after her studies she had various theatre and film engagements with the Leipzig Ensemble, Theaterfabrik Sachsen, Filmstudio Babelsberg and Possible World e.V. Berlin. From November 2019 she can be seen with the piece Die Wut die uns vereint under the direction of Wera Mahne at the Staatstheater Hannover. She currently lives in Berlin.

WITH Rita Mazza, Jan Kress, Steve Stymest, Athina Lange MUSIc Tim Schwerdter OUTSIDE EYE Johannes Müller

A production of Lange/Kress/Mazza/Stymest in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE. Supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe within the project Access all Areas. Media partner: taz. die tageszeitung

Lucky Trimmer Tanz Performance Serie #28
Arnon_Monreale©Victor Rottier_HP
April 10 | 20.00
April 11 | 18.00
April 11 | 21.00
Festsaal | FÄLLT AUS!

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Henrike Iglesias OH MY
April 14 15 | 20.00 Performance
Festsaal | FÄLLT AUS!

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Henrike Iglesias FRESSEN
April 18 19 | 20.00 Performance
Festsaal | FÄLLT AUS!

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Saša Asentić & Collaborators Dis_Sylphide
April 24 25 | 19.00 Dance
Festsaal | 15/10 EURO

An equal team of artists with and without learning disabilities restage three key choreographic works of the 20th century and claim their long overdue place in dance history.

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Anne Haug + Melanie Schmidli Projekt Schooriil
c_Eike Walkenhorst_HP
April 25 | 21.00 Late Night Show
Kantine | 15/10 EURO

The feminist-satirical late-night show by Anne Haug and Melanie Schmidli! The two fucktresses have brought two bizarre gifts with them: themselves. Cometh and learn!

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Godehard Giese + Marco Brosolo sind PARANOIA GODARD concezione
April 29 | 20.00 Record Release Concert
Kantine | 10/7 EURO

A new star has been born in Italo-Pop heaven: PARANOIA GODARD - that is the German actor Godehard Giese and the Italian musician and producer Marco Brosolo. As record release of their debut album CONCEZIONE they invite to an antiparanoid concert evening.

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Melanie Jame Wolf TONIGHT
Tonight_c_Ashton Green_HP
May 02 03 04 05 | 20.00 Dance/Performance
Festsaal | 15/10 EURO

In humorously exaggerated amateur and rock star poses Melanie Jame Wolf, joined by Sheena McGrandles and Rodrigo Garcia Alves, critically explores the potency of a popularly shared poetic and its commercial exploitation.

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May 04 | 17.00 Guided tour
Various Locations | 5 EURO

A guided tour about the eventful history of the Sophiensæle from its construction in 1904/05 to the present day.

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KiezKantine Kieze Gegen Rechts
kiezkantine 09-2017 ©arneschmitt_HP
May 06 | 19.00 Salon
Kantine | 5 EURO inklusive Suppe

Kieze Gegen Rechts is about local civil society engagement against right-wing extremism. We invite initiatives and activists who set a good example.

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Florentina Holzinger TANZ
May 10 11 | 20.00
May 12 | 20.30
Festsaal | FÄLLT AUS!

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Lange / Kress / Mazza / Stymest VIER
vier_c_gerhard ludwig_HP2
May 15 16 | 20.00 Dance/Performance
Kantine | 15/10 EURO

Four deaf performers have joined forces to collectively work on their first piece: A musical!

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Johannes Müller / Philine Rinnert Das weiße Rössl am Central Park
Das Weisse Rössl_c_Philine Rinnert 2
May 20 21 22 | 20.00 Musical Theater

Müller/Rinnert merge the music of the revue Im Weißen Rösslwith a New York expat-adaptation by Jimmy Berg: A multimedial evening about Jewish-German refugee experience, lost entertainment history and the dazzling (re)discovery of Heimat.

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Boys in Sync_c_Jan Husták_HP 1
May 21 | 18.00 Performance

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hannsjana Anstattführung
May 22 | 17.00
May 23 24 | 14.00
Audio Walk
Stadtführung / Start im Hof - Ende U-Bhf. Gesundbrunnen | TICKETS ÜBER DAS PAF

In a performative audio walk, hannsjana explore the East-West dialogue in Berlin's urban space as a border-crossing pack of bears.

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Tanja Krone MIT ECHTEN REDEN (1): Das Ellenbogen-Prinzip
May 23 24 | 17.00 Performance
Hochzeitssaal | TICKETS ÜBER DAS PAF

30 years after the reunification, Tanja Krone asks her family, teachers and school friends about their everyday life during the time of reunification and takes the answers on stage!

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Léonard Engel How to get a rid of a body. A Magical Manual
007_leo_gets_rit_of_his_body_c_Dirk Rose_HP
May 29 30 | 20.00 Dance
Hochzeitssaal | 15/10 EURO

In his dance solo, Léonard Engel precisely and humorously uses a series of deceptive strategies that are doomed to fail and instead put the body at the center of attention.

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TANZSCOUT-WORKSHOP zu How to get rid of a body
Tanzscout-Einführung_How to get
May 30 | 18.30 Workshop
Kantine | 5 EURO

In a one-hour (physical) introduction before the show, the participants playfully and practically approach the movement material of the upcoming dance piece How to get rid of a body.

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