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Auro Orso & Isabel Kwarteng (Kilombé Kollektiv):
Caressing Memories

Caressing memories webseite
Auro Orso & Isabel Kwarteng (Kilombé Kollektiv):
Caressing Memories
In English

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  • This workshop is for QT* BIPoC (Queer Trans* Inter* Black, Indigenous and People of Color) only.
  • Bring comfortable clothes. You can be barefoot or wear indoor shoes.
  • No shower available.

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The workshop is for QT* BIPoC to take over the space and make it our own. We want to work on the topics of Touch & Memory. We will creatively open the space to not only share our own stories with the community but also create a movement puzzle and fill the space with our collective body. We want to become a living, breathing organism and we will explore touch in alternative ways. All this while being carried by a sound carpet that informs our journey. We will learn to use our memories as tools for decolonizing time and trauma.

You can come and hang out in the space in any form, without “actively” participating or step in and step out if you need or feel like it. This space is for our community and to feel. The session contains an impro jam with movement, sound and whatever participants want to bring. We welcome you to bring music instruments or other objects that bring you joy or that you like to share. There will be some snacks ;)

If any questions remain from the following information, please feel free to contact Hannah Aldinger at or 030 27 89 00 35. Please note that details may change by the day of the event.


  • 4 hours, depending also on participants wishes
  • several short breaks, one longer break which participants can use to get creative with each other or to rest, and one 20-30min rest/food break.


  • English spoken language will be used mostly, however also German, Spanish, French, Portugese and Italian spoken language can be accommodated.
  • There will be 2 short writing excercises.


  • There will be moments with mostly calm music played.
  • There will be moments of improvisation, where participants are invited to bring in their instruments or their voice if they want to.


  • The space is very open, every offer is to be seen as an invitation.
  • People are welcome to rest, close their eyes, change positions, step out, leave, come back in with respect of the space anytime.


  • There will be some guided breathing., movement-, and voice-improvisation
  • There will be grounding- and writing-exercises.
  • There will be an improjam with voice, movement, instruments and moments of interaction with each other.
  • There might be exercises standing up, moving through the room, lying down, interacting with each other.
  • At the end, a hands-on partner-exercise will be suggested


  • Consent and tuning in with one´s own needs is part of the concept of this work.
  • Participants are greatly encouraged to adapt any exercise or suggestion to their needs and desires in the moment, this will be repeated by the facilitators upon introduction.
  • You can bring instruments if you have any.

Here you can find information about accessibility of the space.

hosted by Auro and Isy (Kilombé Kollektiv)

The approach of Kilombé Kollektiv is intersectional, queer-feminist and decolonial. Through their own lived realities as queer Black and Indigenous trans people, they care deeply about the visibility of the struggles and challenges of marginalized groups and the establishment of concrete empowerment strategies and support structures for those affected. They combine different expertise and perspectives, which enables them to open new pathways based on their intersectional approach and their own life realities. Together they created the intersectional performance project We Got That Power, We Got That Magic for almost a year now, in which they work with queer BIPoC between the ages of 19 and 27 on topics around performance, acting, dance and singing from decolonial perspectives. A common trait that the Kollektiv notice with people in the workshops is that they feel overwhelmed and disconnected. Mental health issues have increased in the past two years, especially in the Queer BIPoC community. They have begun to conceptualize workshops in which they use bodies and voices as a tool for healing and empowerment with the help of creative movement exercises, writing exercises, dance, breathing exercises, meditations, relaxation, positive affirmations and much more.

Auro Orso is a dancer, performer and community organizer whose experience of being racialized and trans are part of his artistic research on decolonizing practices within spirituality and gender-riots. His performances include a spectrum of topics ranging from food and spirituality to genderless worlds. He has worked and presented works in many different venues in Europe, South America and West- Africa.

Isabel Kwarteng-Acheampong is an artistic director, performer and workshop facilitator currently directing a performance project for QT* BIPoC in Berlin. Their creative processes are about decolonizing the body and gender, encouraging themselves to embrace vulnerability and reclaiming care and pleasure. In Ghana, Togo and Germany they address issues of intersectional solidarity, social justice, colonialism and mental health artistically.
Instagram: @__.who.dat.__

Caressing memories webseite
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