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les dramaturx:
Bitter Fields

O22-07-03_Bitter_Fields_C_Falk_Wenzel_3165 (1)
les dramaturx:
Bitter Fields
Duration: 1h 10 Min.

In May 2018, les dramaturx and many of their colleagues take part in a demonstration organized by Die Vielen. The occasion is a nationwide rally by the AfD and other far-right groups in Berlin. In the following months, les dramaturx try to understand how the global rise of right-wing forces has come about. During their research, they come across a magazine in which right-wing authors paint a realistic picture of a world in a climate crisis and at the same time show how they are profiting from it. les dramaturx ask themselves whether there really is a connection between the rise of the political right and climate change, and come to the bitter realization that they themselves are much more involved than they would like.Bitter Fields is an activist research revue made up of ¾ white spots, ⅝ dramatic trains of thought and 100% flashes of realization.

The information on accessibility is still in progress and will be updated as soon as possible. If any questions remain unanswered until then, please feel free to contact the communication department at or 030 27 89 00 35. Please note that details may change by the day of the event. Therefore, if you find out after you have purchased your ticket that the performance is no longer accessible to you, you can contact us for a ticket return at or 030 27 89 00 45 until 5 business days after the event (Monday through Friday between 10am and 6pm).



  • Strobe light is used

Early boarding

If, for artistic reasons, the door to the auditorium does not open until very shortly before the performance begins, there is the option of early boarding.



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Idea and concept: les dramaturx (Lynn Takeo Musiol, Christian Tschirner)
Set design: Felix Remme
Artistic mediation: Tillmann Staemmler

A production by les dramaturx in cooperation with OSTEN-Festival Bitterfeld-Wolfen. The guest performance takes place as part of the series DIE KUNST, VIELE ZU BLEIBEN. Nationwide Forums for Art, Freedom and Democracy, a series of events by the Fonds Darstellende Künste in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut, Chamäleon Berlin, fabrik Potsdam, FFT Düsseldorf, Hans Otto Theater Potsdam, HELLERAU - European Center for the Arts Dresden, HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, Impulse Theater Festival, Kunstfest Weimar 2024, LOFFT - DAS THEATER Leipzig, OSTEN Festival Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Plattenstufen-Festspiele presented by PHOENIX Theaterfestival Erfurt, Residenz Schauspiel Leipzig, Societaetstheater Dresden, Sophiensӕle Berlin, Zentralwerk e. V. Dresden. Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR.


les dramaturx is a performance collective of dramaturges Lynn Takeo Musiol and Christian Tschirner. They are as concerned with questions of world-preservation as they are with the prose of circumstances. They borrowed their motto “Gemeinsam sind wir gemeiner” (“We’re meaner together”) from the magazine EmanzenExpress from 1986.

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