Sophienstrasse 18
10178 Berlin-Mitte
Saison 24/25
Start: Zur letzten Instanz (Waisenstraße 14-16, 10179 Berlin)
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BURNING ISSUES × Theatertreffen: Performing Arts & Solidarity

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BURNING ISSUES × Theatertreffen: Performing Arts & Solidarity
Auf Deutsch - in German

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Since the first conference of female theater makers in 2018, BURNING ISSUES has always docked into the areas where the burning issues are being discussed and, together with cooperating cultural institutions and partners, is dedicated to new questions and current challenges in the theater and cultural sector.

Now in its sixth edition, the BURNING ISSUES conference format continues the dialog within the cultural landscape: the question of solidarity is negotiated with the invited actors and all participants. To this end, the conference invites a shared view: into the past for shared successes, into the present for current problems and into the future for new utopias of work in theater and culture.

BURNING ISSUES × Theatertreffen: Performing Arts & Solidarity is a project by SAVE THE WORLD in collaboration with the Theatertreffen and the Szenografie-Bund. In cooperation with Sophiensæle and Deutsches Theater Berlin. Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the Rudolf Augstein Foundation.