Sophienstrasse 18
10178 Berlin-Mitte

Gemischtes Doppel – Sophiensæle | Freies Theater in Berlin

Saison 24/25

Gemischtes Doppel

Gemischtes Doppel

An explosive load of dance and performance from young artists in double packs, right before the summer break. Not My Piece is Martin Schick’s introduction into the world of post-capitalism. Complex economic circumstances find a new simplified form in a choreography of services and together they become the basis for a bizarre farce that actually reflects the truth. In her solo Silk, Florentina Holzinger toys with fact and fiction and at the same time sways above on ropes and rings. A powerful male trio dance a game of hide-and-seek in Shang-Chi Sun’s new production Uphill where they delicately play with the fine lines between playing pretend, provocation and trust. Other artists combine dance, show business and pop-culture in their newest pieces: Ligia Lewis and Vincent Riebeek collide iconic images and cultural mash-ups together, Dani Brown, Gael Clienow and Justin Kennedy examine the concept of home as a comfort and discomfort zone. Adam Linder deals with rap and its cultural influences on the body and artistic production. The mixed bag of doubles concludes with a hot summer party with the motto: “It’s getting tight in here!” – we’re packing out the old desk phones, polishing the disco ball and throwing on the bbq! 

WITH Dani Brown + Justin Kennedy + Gael Cleinow, Florentina Holzinger, Ligia Manuela Lewis + Vincent Riebeek, Adam Linder, Tommy Noonan + Thomas Jeker, Martin Schick, Shang-Chi Sun

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