Henrike Iglesias Livestream: Under Pressure brut Wien at Sophiensaæle Berlin: interactive livestream at www.brut-wien.at

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March 24 25 26 | 20.00
Online auf www.brut-wien.at
9 EURO Tickets

In German with english subtitles

Tickets for the event will go on sale on February 22 at 12:00 on the brut Wien website. The performance is seen on the screen from home. In the self-presentation arena, the audience is the jury and raises or lowers their thumbs over the opponents. Reviews can be submitted remotely via smartphone from home. You will receive detailed information about online participation from home in a timely manner by email.

Henrike Iglesias is Under Pressure. In a brilliant, interactive gameshow, the collective devotes itself to the pressure to perform, which is omnipresent in our turbo-capitalist society. The performers compete against each other and the audience gets to decide who is "the best" Henrike. But the Henrikes will try to infiltrate the strict and violent categories of winners and losers, hot or not, photo or no photo; leading them ad absurdum - by failing, night after night, in front of a packed audience. Scores may be given live or by remote access, at the touch of a button. So, it’s gonna be absurd, but fair.

HENRIKE IGLESIAS understand pop cultural and mass media phenomena as a mirror of social conditions and grievances and have made it their mission to illuminate them from an explicitly feminist perspective. They are a theatre collective based in Berlin and Basel whose permanent crew includes Anna Fries, Laura Naumann, Marielle Schavan, Sophia Schroth, Eva G. Alonso and Malu Peeters. With their production OH MY, which was shown several times at the SOPHIENSÆLE, they were invited to imagetanz Vienna, the Heidelberg Stückemarkt and the FIBA Festival in Buenos Aires. https://henrikeiglesias.com/




Created by and featuring Henrike Iglesias (Anna Fries, Eva G. Alonso, Laura Naumann, Malu Peeters, Marielle Schavan, Sophia Schroth) COSTUME Nadine BakotaCOSTUME ASSISTANTAnne Bellinger TRANSLATION + SUBTITLES Naomi Boyce SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Sophia Petrova ProduCTION MANAGEMENT DE ehrliche arbeit - Freies Produktionsbüro ProduCTION MANAGEMENT CH Maxine Devaud - Maxinthewood Productions MANY THANKS TO Marie Simons

A production by Henrike Iglesias in coproduction with SOPHIENSÆLE, FFT Düsseldorf, brut Wien, ROXY Birsfelden, Schlachthaus Theater Bern and Südpol Luzern. Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Migros Culture Percentage, Wilhelm and Ida Hertner-Strasser Stiftung and BLBK Stiftung für Kultur und Bildung. Media partner: taz. die tageszeitung



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